HC Power cords for tight spaces -- unicorn hunting?

For starters, I'm a space-challenged apartment-dweller (not the apartment so much, but the shelving for my equipment).  I use Shunyata almost exclusively -- Triton v3/DPC-6 v3/Denali 6000S -- and have been very pleased.  The Triton, which feeds my amps, has a Sigma NR to the mains and Alpha NRs going to the amps.  The problem is that I need to move the PC and I don't have another location with 4-6 inches of room behind it for the cords.  I'm planning to call Shunyata to see if they re-terminate with right angle adaptors, but thought I'd see if anyone has suggestions for high-end cords that don't need a mile of run space behind the PC (and experience using them on a Triton would be a bonus).  Thanks much. 

P.S. I REALLY don't want to use the right angle adaptors if I can avoid it.

Shunyata makes a very flexible 4 inch cord with male and female IEC connectors.  I use it on my VPI Prime because there wasn't room to use my regular Shunyata cord.  It worked perfectly and I didn't have to have my cord reterminated.  Music Direct sells it for I believe 30.00 and it is made by Shunyata!
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I’m pretty much in the same situation as I don’t have much room behind my rack and I hate cable clutter. I spoke to Richard of Shunyata months back regarding retermination options of an Alpha HC pc. Needed to make it shorter and from a 15 amp to a 20 amp. He quoted me around $420 I think, and also said it would be time consuming and just not cost effective for them to do it. Just for you FYI..
Thanks for all of the replies.  If Shunyata makes the IEC adaptor for 20A (C19), that might do the trick for the mains inlet on the Triton (I've only seen it in 15A).  I still have to deal with the wall plug ends on the cords to the amps, though.  I'll see if Shunyata is able to terminate with a right angle wall plug, but if not, I may need to find more flexible cords.  I remember seeing some well-shielded cords where the last few inches are much thinner than the mid-section, but I can't recall where.  I'd prefer to stick w/Shunyata cords on the Triton, but I hate knowing that the amp cords are all being pushed against the back of the cabinet.  
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I have used Nordost Valhalla and LessLoss Signatuure from the wall to my Audience Power Conditioner and had no problems.. Sound was excellent, and my amp is no mouse -- 330w/per channel Krell FPB 300 cx. And you don't need to wrestle with these cords.
The problem being that there are left handed and right handed 90 degree IEC connectors.  At least in our requirement, that is. But not in how they are made. This desire for left and right is preposterous, in the real world. That real world where thin flexible power cords are the norm.

Audiophile power cables are stiff, mostly due to design... and don't have sharp turn or bendability. So the left or right handedness of the given connector becomes the biggest part of the implementation, and thus one has to have twice as many 90 degree power cords available, than one might think. No two companies put the female IEC connector on their chassis, in the same direction (top vs bottom). There is no standard implementation, here. Unless it has a fuse connection/socket built into the IEC connector, those types generally have a specific IEC plug orientation.

So it becomes a 'produce on demand' scenario as many to most power cord companies (cable companies) are not big enough to keep duplicate sets of 90 degree power cables in stock at all times.

Straight out the back is not such a big deal, as it can be flipped over 180 degrees, generally, with no real obvious problems in making connections. Most of the time.
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The Audience AU24 cable is quite flexible and Audience can terminate it with any connector you like - meaning straight or right-angle.  
Thought I'd close this thread down to say thx for all the responses and report where I wound up.  For the Shunyata cables going from the wall to the Triton, Shunyata will make (custom order) a C19/20 pigtail that's much more flexible than the Sigma NR cable that goes into the Triton, which should provide a shorter "bend" distance.  According to Shunyata, because it's only 8-12 inches (I haven't received it yet), it shouldn't negatively impact performance by having that between the Sigma cord and the Triton.  Shunyata will not re-term the Sigmas, though (at least that's what I was told).  My amp cords are not Shunyata, so I'm looking at getting them re-term'ed with either Furutech or Wattgate right angle wall plug ends......