Do any members here know of a pre/pro that offers HDMI/DVI switching or of a manufacturer that has plans to do so.

The Denon 5805 has this, as well as Onkyo's top of the line reciever.

Unfortunatly i have not heared of any Pre/pro's that do that, only these two recievers.
Don't let this be a discerning factor for you, you can buy an outboard DVI or HDMI switcher from Geffn for <$400.
Halcro debuted their first 2 Pre/Pro's at CES2005. One of them will do HDMI/DVI switching. It's a beauty but will cost you $9,900.00. I have picture if you want to see it.

Outlaw also announced a new receiver that will offer HDMI/DVI switching.