HDMI In To HDMI and eARC Out - How Do I Do This?

I am running an Apple 4kTV into a LG OLED TV and have a Devialet Dione sound bar. The TV does not output eARC to the soundbar. How do I split the output from the Apple 4kTV to get both an eARC signal for the soundbar and HDMI signal for the TV? I looked on Amazon and I am unsure which splitter to buy. Your advice/guidance would be much appreciated.


Wait, I have one of those TV’s. eARC works fine. Needs CEC enabled as well though which doesn't make sense to me but it does. 

Also, you have to use the right HDMI port. Only 1 does eARC and it’s marked on the back of the TV.

Thanks Eric, but my TV does not have an HDMI output, only RCA and Toslink for audio. LG model OLED65CXPUA.

Maybe it would help you to understand that the eARC port is just another HDMI input.  It functions like any other input but also is the only HDMI connector that has audio out.


It took me a while…
We have the 65” OLED.
The #2 input (in the middle) is the eARC. I have 3 input HDMI ports.

Yes it is an input, so the Audio Reverse Channel is like Pinocchio when he was becoming a donkey… as that the sound goes out through the input.
Linguistically it makes little sense… but it works.

I/You also need(ed) to enable eARC in one of the menu areas.
It took me an hour of dickin-round to get it going.

erik-squires, holmz, many thanks for your help, I had no idea HDMI 2 input is also eARC out, Pleased to report there is a very noticeable improvement in SQ going from toslink to eARC; crystal clear sound, wider dynamics and deeper bass. Next I want to work out how to get the Apple 4kTV to switch on/off the TV and Devialet soundbar. At present, I can switch on/off the Apple 4kTV from the remote and the TV, not the Devialet soundbar though. Once again, your help/guidance is always appreciated.

erik-squires, many thanks for your help, I had no idea HDMI 2 input is also eARC out

Hopefully the thread helps someone else.