HDtracks 24/96 Marvin Gaye - Worth it?

I am proposing to buy and download the HDtracks 24/96 version of What's Going On. Opinions please, is it a worthwhile upgrade over the standard red book CD version?

So far, with one exception (Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed), I have been very impressed with HDtracks downloads. This Stones album is the one exception; it really sounds awful to me.
I would prefer the MG collection in .wav format. If you don't like it I will buy it from you for $11.00 :>)
The SACD for Let It Bleed is pretty good; realize it's a little late, but if you want the best version out there, that's it.
i have the gaye 24 definitely worth it some 24 better than others all up to remix and good rig on ur end
I just recently bought this and immediately compared it to the AIFF-version of the CD download. The 24/96 version is substantially better in every way.