Headphone Amp to pair with Audio Research VSi75?

Hi all. I am running a Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 phono preamp with an Audio Research VSi75. The VSi75 has no headphone output unfortunately.

Can anyone please point me to some headphone amp recommendations to consider for my setup?

Thanks so much.


While a number of integrated amps have headphone outputs, they are typically terrible… not worth using, on even more expensive equipment.


I recommend Woo audio head amps. By and large it is all they do. If you like Audio Reseach sound this is the right brand for you. You can see my systems under my user ID.

I upgraded my headphone system to the Aurender / Ayre / Woo system I have now and it put my main system to shame. So, I had to upgrade my main system to all Audio Research Reference electronics and now they have the same character and musicality I love. I am completely happy with both. I have heard the VSi75 many times, excellent amp… if I didn’t have what I do now, I would love the VSi75… and the Woo for headphones. I own three Woo headphone amps.

Thank you for this incredibly helpful response! I have only heard good things about Woo gear. Which amp would you say is your favorite? What about most space-saving as well? 

The Woo WA5… without question. I put top quality 300B tubes in it and it is simply stunning. Not small or cheap. I also have a WA6 and WA6SE… they are great, but do not have the power to tame headphones like the Sennheiser 800. The WA5 just took control of every one of my headphones and made them sound musical, detailed, natural, and simply the best they could. Small… no, not small.

I have found that what you pay for from Woo is worth it. Read their descriptions… you can completely trust them. Call them. They will be happy to talk to you about what you want and the headphones you use… and honestly recommend what will be best for you. I can’t more highly recommend a company. I have owned at least a dozen headphone amps. I would not consider any other company.