Headphone Amp with Remote ? Antique Sound LH-01?

I'm looking for a decent, but inexpensive headphone amp to drive Sennheiser 650s, but here's the kicker - I would really like an amp with a wireless remote volume control. Looking to spend in the $400 to $800 range. All the dedicated headphone amps in that range (MF X-CAN, Channel Island, etc.) don't have a remote.

I came across the Antique Sound Labs LH-01, actually a pre-amp with a headphone jack, which comes with a remote (optional). My impression from websites is that the LH-01 is discontinued - can anyone confirm this? Anyone know where I could pick one up? Any and all other suggestions for something that would do the job are also welcome.

Headphone amp would go into the tape loop of a MF X-150; front end is currently MF X-RAY + X-DAC v3 + X-10 v3, and Magnum Dynalab MD-100.


Thanks, but I don't have "zones". The issue is that a need a headphone amp with a remote.
The Sugden Headmaster comes in 2 versions, one with a remote, and one without. It can also serve as a decent preamp for a small system. I can't think of any others off the top of my head.
Hello Wmcmanus -

Thanks for the info. on the Sugden; this is very helpful. Will check out the specs and reviews online.
Also just heard from Divergent that the Antique Sound Labs MG
OTL 32 is a headphone amp with remote. Specs on the web site are interesting.

Anyone have experience with the ASL MG OTL 32? Am now wondering about this as compared to Sugden Headmaster.
You are talking about a different level of fit'n'finish, for sure. Sugden is reported to be tank like with very high quality parts. In the past ASL has been somewhat lower level of fit'n'finish with some uneven QA/QC (at least in my experience). YMMV.
I have experience of the Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 and the Sugden HeadMaster, with both the Sennheiser HD650 and the Grado RS-1 headphones.

In my opinion, the Sennheisers sounded superb with the X-Cans – smooth and detailed with no hint of harshness. The Grados fared less well, with an altogether brighter, more fatiguing sound.

With the HeadMaster, the reverse was the case and the Grados were at their best with the Sugden amp. In comparison, the Sennheisers sounded too rich and lacked sparkle.

Build quality is good with either headphone amp, but Musical Fidelity holds the aces because the addition of their X-PSU raises the quality of the X-Can v3 to an altogether higher level – and the combined cost of the X-Can and X-PSU is considerably less than the HeadMaster alone.

So I'd say you are paying a particularly high price for the remote control facility offered by the Sugden. Isn't there a way of routing the X-Can v3 signals through the X-150 so that you can use the X-150 remote volume control when using the headphones?
On 09-22-05, Kwnyc said:

"Eventually settled on the Headmaster :)"

So, what do you think after a couple months? I own a pair of idle for years HD 600's, so that's why I ask. What's the price on the Sugden?