Headphones for Hearing Aids

Hi, I wear behind the ear hearing devices and have been having challenges with my Senns 650s. I enjoy the sound, as well as the senns 600s. My problem is that they clamp so tight I'm getting a high amount of feedback and the aids themselves constantly adjusting to accommodate the sounds. How are you in similar circumstances dealing with similar issues? I had read in another thread about akg h701/2 that don't clamp against the ear seem to work well. Would like to continue with the Senns and looking for possible solutions, or alternative phones with a somewhat similar sound signature, $400 max. Also do on the ear phones have the same issues?Changing the hearing devices are not a possibility. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
Hi Dave, I believe that AKG K702 phones have substantially larger can and sounding more detailed and natural. You will be able to hear an overdub tracks if there are any used in the recording.
Although I've tried them, I'm not a current user of hearing aids partly because my ear canals don't tolerate them and, more simply, because I don't like wearing them. Because of age related hearing issues, though, I've recently been experimenting with the use of a very good equalizer to accommodate these losses which occur starting at about 1000Hz. It has worked very well for me especially because it allows discreet adjustment of right and left channels independent of one another and I used my most recent audiogram to make base adjustments in the output slope.

If allowing you to listen without your aids could work for you, it would at least resolve the ringing issue. Of course it kind of turns your listening area into giant hearing aids and one would expect it to sound unnatural to others but this has not been an issue for us.

Anyway, not knowing the details of your hearing losses, this may not in any way be a viable course of action but I just thought I'd throw it out there in case it might.
Your best bet is to find a retailer nearby where you can try on the headphones. Anything less will result in less than desirable results, IMHO...
Have you considered taking out the hearing aids for listening? You might need a balance control but it may work well. I know my Dad uses TV Ears for television and takes out his hearing aids. This works best.
The other thing with TV ears is that they are mono which gets rid of many imbalances. You could try almost any phones in mono?
What I said about the giant hearing aids would apply only to using the EQ while listening w/o hearing aids to your speakers. In what I understand your situation to be, though, my suggestion is that you consider trying connection of your headphones directly to the EQ. I've tried that also and it works for me.
Hi, thank you all for your responses, they were very thought provoking. The headphones are for use on the main level so I don't disturb the family watching the boob-tube. Thankfully I don't mind wearing them, do iritate the inner ear at times but I find if I use a dab of canal oil they're ok. The main system is in the basement. For the main system the horns work fine, I turn them low and adjust the preamp volume normally with no issues. My hearing lose is such that without the horns I get beautiful low and mid bass with a little touch of higher freqs. I was also reading a couple of articles about using equalizers adjusted for the lost freqs. And I'm glad to hear that that approach has been successful. So I am wondering if placing one between the DAC and the head amp could preclude my use of
the horns with the Senns. What type of equalizer could you gents recommend? Again, To all of you, I appreciate your advice. Dave

Broadstone, thanks for your follow up, I posted before I read it. What type of equalizer are you using? Again, thanks. Dave
I'm using the Behringer DEQ2496, a truly incredible piece of equipment that many here on Audiogon recognise as one of our best choices.
Try the Bose line of over the ear headphones. I've read that they work well for people who wear hearing aids while listening. They're available to demo at Target and Best Buy. I have a set of the AE series and they have a good balanced sound. They may be just what you're looking for. They're very comfortable too!
Good Luck Joe
Forget hearing aids... they're worthless. No one likes them whose tried them.
First, two facts about me: I've worn hearing aids for sixty years; I have been into audio for sixty years. Now, what to do. Find a good, patient audiologist, one who works with musicians. I stress patience. Choice of type of aid will make all the difference. Go with two, one in each ear. I have tried both in the ear, and over the ear. Currently, for me, the in the ear works best and that includes when using headphones. Get 'full shell' molds. Aids must be digital, so that one of the 'programs' is a music one, tailored to your loss in each ear. That should take care of the 'balance' issue. Get aids that use Mead Killion technology, like the DigitK circuit. More information on the is available at the 'General Hearing' web site. Killion does work for the ER buds units. Remember, programmed hearing aids for in-effect EQ units. Go for units that have 16 or more channels, 20 is better. Questions welcomed.
You might audition the Bose Around The Ear series headphones. I've read reviews of people who use them with hearing aids with good results. I have a pair of the AE series and they have a good balanced sound and are very comfortable. You can audition them at Target or Best Buy Good Luck! Joe
Stringreen, thank you for you comment. First off you have a beautiful system. Like most who wear them, they are a challenge. In my case for day to day they serve me well. And peace is kept in the house. They can get uncomfortable but they have opened up a world of sound that I had been missing for many years. Brownstone, similar to others has been looking at alternatives to wearing the horns. I am going to run the same rabbit as he looking at equalizers so I came use my Senns sans horns. Am desiring any info that I can use as I move down this road. I do see more headphone use in my future so I'm pursuing the knowledge and equipment needed.

Senns 650
Denon 3910 cdp
Channel Island head amp and power supply
Musical Fidelity M1 dac
Parasound Zdac
DH Lab d75 cable

Thanks much.

italian ....ok..you convinced me. You can wear hearing aids. When I tried them they didn't work for me. I heard from a number of dr's that they are usually returned for credit before the trial period is over. Sorry I was so glib about it. I have the Sen 650's as well and use Cardas balanced cable to connect it to my headphone amp. Wonderful.
italian....Here's something you and others might be interested in. I use mine for TV, Spotify, Pandora, etc. It works all over the house.

The problem that I had with my hearing aids is that they took all the joy from music. The sound was plastic-y and false.
Most hearing aids have the option of using different programs for different listening situations. You typically access the programs using a button on the hearing aids or with a remote. If yours have this option, ask your audiologist to setup a program optimized for headphone listening.

You can even take your headphones to the appointment so the program can be customized for them. It should be possible to eliminate feedback when wearing your headphones without requiring you to take out the hearing aids.
I want to thank you all for your insights and thoughts. A lot of good info especially for those who may be considering hearing aids. When I got fitted for the aids it was a thrill just to hear, music was an after thought. Teflon was discussing programming as well as Buconero, my horns do this automatically and I think that is a part of the problem. They cannot lock in to the music format with the headphones in place. Click click click. So next time round I'll be much more informed. Stringreen made a comment about the sound through hearing aids, got me thinking about what I am actually hearing. So I'll take several of your suggestions and try diff headphones, and look into an equalizer. One other thing that I realized is that so many folks are wearing horns. Again I appreciate the conversation,I've re-read this string several times this weekend with great interest. Dave
The automatic adjustments of most hearing aids can be disabled in a program designed specifically for listening to music. It could make a big difference. In any case, I wish you luck.