Headshell fix and a New Goldring E3

Maybe just above box store grade equipment?

So I suffered a channel failure on my phono rig a few months back. Technics SL-1200 MK2 table. Purchased an AT headshell and installed an Ortofon red cart. Sounded pretty good to my 75 yo ears but it nagged me that the headshell had failed so i figured it was the shell to cart wiring sinse the AT rig worked. Ordered a new wire set from Amazon and after much weeping and Gnashing of teeth, installed them. Connectors fit the headshell terminal likes sox on a rooster so it took a lit of crimping finally get a good connection.

After much research (About budget cartridges) ordered a Goldring E3. Installed it tonight and crossed fingers, put on a record. It worked! so I decided to see what it could do. Dug out an album I have probably not played for 30+ years, Shefield D to D "I've got the Music in Me". Remember the old JBL add with the guy in the chair? That is what I felt. I'm am blown away that my old cheap stuff can sound so good with a few tweaks and upgrades.

So just to refresh. Technics SL-1200 table, Goldring E3, Emotiva BasX PT2 pre and A2 amp going to KEF R3 Meta bookshelf and two HSU subs. 

I know many here have more in interconnects than I have in my entire system but what I heard tonight just blows me away. It makes me happy and leaves me a lot to spend on other joys in my golden years. After all, isn't that what all this is supposed to be about?


@llg98ljk +1! That's a nice system you put together! Too many are caught up in the quest of buying ever more expensive components when in reality diminishing returns set in quickly!