Heat Shrink Tubing - How ???

I want to fix up some bulk speaker cable with spades for a small bedroom system. The store has some assorted pre-cut plastic heat shrink tubing I could use to dress it up. If I get some how do I shrink it?? Hair dryer??
If the hairdryer won't do, borrow a heat-gun, if you can't find one to borrow, bake it in the oven as suggested, but suspend or stand up the cable somehow, so that the heat can get at the tubing equally all around.
I've used heat shrink hundreds of times and mostly used a wooden match, either the regular kitchen type or somewhat bigger strike anywhere. Sometimes I even use a propane torch when I have a lot to do but like to save the propane so I can start my charcoal grill. Works everytime. Just don't get the tubing too hot or it'll look sloppy. Usually standard shrink tubing will shrink down to 50% of its diameter & there is also molded shrink tubing if there is a significant difference in diameter between the wire (cable) and the spade. There is also shrink tubing that has an adhesive that is released when heated to provide a better seal & more secure connection. If you want to just color code the ends that's pretty straight forward but if you want the shrink tubing to help provide a seal and/or strain relief you might want to consult with your local electrical supply house to see what they offer & recommend.
Sugarbrie, I've found a small $20.00 heat gun like you buy at a hardware store works much better than a hair drier. Hair driers I've tried don't generate enough heat.
A hair dryer will work. I also tried a candle, but you have to hold the tubing well above the flame or you will get smoke marks on the tubing. The best way is to get a heat gun - they sell as low as $19 - from your local hardware or Sears.
Move the wire racks of a kitchen oven to allow yourself room. Preheat an oven to 400 degree (F). Hold the wire end (just off the head shrink) with a pair of tongs.

Open the oven door. (careful, there will be a blast of hot air) Insert the tongs holding the wire. Do not allow the wire to touch anything. The heatshrink should do its thing within 3-10 seconds. Remove from oven as soon as the shrink has shrunk.

Good luck.

P.S. You could also use a heat gun, available at Sears or Home D.
I use a std soldering iron to gently rub the heat shrink tubing to start the reduction process.This way you can also "form" the tubing around the wire..etc. as the tubing shrinks.

Sugarbrie, now that it is all through, why and where for high heaven's sake did you want to tube your shrink? What's he done to you??!! Happy new Year! Detlof