Heco Aurora

Anyone have ears on experience?
Looking for a 3 way floorstander,easy to drive & found these Aurora 700.Reviews are good,1 raving positive from a dealer in Australia.Price is REALLY good($1200.00 del.)Audio Advice is selling them but the only guy that really tested them has moved on so no help there..Anyone?
"I have been looking at the HECO Direkt myself.""

In 2017 Heco Dirket was being offered at a special $2500/pair. I contacted the seller who responded-" We are suspending all orders from Heco until we determine how their new distribution is going to happen. The gent who was in touch is retired and we’ve not been able to get steady communication since that time. We have people waiting now for speakers that have yet to arrive as they are on back order"

I was ready to hear something new for a reasonable price. Never happened.
Not so good review

Did this guy have the same speaker? review

The unique looks caught my attention.
I’d grab a pair for that intro offer now,at the time full retail was $5k or so?
The model up from the Direkt was(bigger driver) was more attractive.
I don’t see them listed on their site?

Apologies to OP freediver-

I see the 1st half of my intended response cut-should start out I was looking at Heco awhile back, and it appears the entire lineup looks solid. The Aurora 700 should be nice for it's pricepoint. I wouldn't overthink it. At the pricepoint, at least equal to the usual brands. 

Those Direkt speakers are WAYYY cool,I would love to try the 3 way..Neither Heco USA or Audio Advice have immediate plans to bring in the upper tier Heco's..They just introduced the Aurora 700 in a "Colors"line.One is called Sunset Orange,I WANT I WANT I WANT..Waiting on word back from Heco USA on weather they can get them & how much..Will update here when I get word..
yes i have the 1000 for a few months, i like them very much, ive been looking for freq response and may take the drivers out to see the crossover for upgrade if the freq response is reasonable. many reviews out now on youtube even. very positive. they sound like klipsh but more refined. i expect many people will buy after andrews review a few weeks ago on youtube. the although his was the 700 the 1000 has a slight V shape sound but less than klipsh . i wish the treble was a tad more smooth although that could be my gear as i use an Ncore amp and SMSL DAC, trying a warm tube pre amp today to see what happens with NOS RCA tubes. the bass is large but not as crazy as you would think since the 8 inch drivers dont move much bit there is sub bass presence i would say around 30Hz roll off point in room. do not believe the 22hz spec. let me know if you have questions
^^^ I would appreciate your listening impressions with the tube P/A..
 I have contacted Heco USA & Audio Advice,neither will special order the "Colors"version,which IMO is a HUGE mistake,a fact that I conveyed to Heco Germany in an email..Having seen them I won't settle for either Black or White so my $ will likely end up going to another manufacturer..

I am interested in either the 1000 or 700. I have modest size listening room. What other speakers besides the Klipsch would you recommend. I primarily listen to acoustic, jazz, classical, and classic rock.

@eddiemg24 the 1000 is capable of going down to 20hz in room and therefore wouldnt need a subwoofer. the 700 would be for medium to small rooms. the 1000 can take over a smaller room for sure but its sound it very good for the price. great for rock and jazz as well as vocals. great dynamics with a bit of sparkle on top but not as much as a klipsh

In the under 2000 dollar range are there any other speakers you would recommendbesidex these. I have also been looking at the las 20 statements and a couple of the wharfeale and elacs. I mostly listen to jazz, classic rock, folk, and movies.