Hegel H120 a good pairing with Heritage Cornwalls?

I am hoping …as my Hegel is “in the mail”, that this matchup is complimentary. I’ve listened to many talk about exceptional bass, revealing midrange, and smoother top treble with the H 120… I know it will be a bit overdone with 102 db sensitivity Klipsch but since Hegel separates the two gains, I’m hopeful for big headroom and future possible larger listening room.(Right now, I have a 7’ triangle).
Is there another associate that can add perspectives?

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not going to be a good pairing the cornwa llslike tube amplifiers the hegel is too clean you are going to find the pairing to be too bright

I disagree with AudioTroy,

of all the modern SS amps out there the Hegel's are probably going to be actually good match. From what i hear from Hegel is slightly warmer sound perfect for the Klipsch heritage speakers. Sure tubes can be better but not always and maybe a class A amp (SS or Tube)would be better again. Depends on the amps but huge power is not needed and is a waist of money. 

While the H120 is solid state, for the most part it is on the warm side, so yeah, sure it will play nice with the Cornwall’s. 

All the best.

Thank you guys so much because that’s what I needed to hear! I have one of the best 300 B SET amps, and the Inspire by Dennis Had. However, in the hot months here in the Nashville area, I need a solid-state amp that I can sInk into  the summer months are just too hot for a tube amplifier in my listening room. I think the Hegel will do the trick for the reasons stated by you both. I will only need 20% of available power, but I want to feel those subwoofers that are 15 inches and I heard the Hegel 120 has a smooth high end, which will be great… WARM is great to hear. Thanks!

Glenn we were a hegel dealer for years not warm at all very clean and dynamic low coloration designs

I would not describe Hegel as warm. My H390 is reputed to be the "warmest" in their line but this is only comparatively speaking. It's a very neutral presentation to my ears. I fear the op will be disappointed if he's depending upon a Hegel (especially from a model below the 390) to supply warmth. 

So far BASS on my Cornwalls is dominant and boomy. I have treated the room and will try again… if it doesn’t work putting up sound diffusers and bass absorbing, I’ll put it out there to sell. It could be: too much power for 102db speakers. The NAD C136BEE works great, which is the Summer replacing amp for the heating 300B tube amp.

So far BASS on my Cornwalls is dominant and boomy. I have treated the room and will try again

How many hours do you have on the amp?  Might need some more hours to settle in and I wouldn’t make any firm conclusions until 200 hours or so.  Even still, this is surprising because Hegel amps are noted for their relatively high damping factor so this is a bit strange.  How close are your speakers from the wall, and have you tried pulling them out a bit?  Just some thoughts FWIW.

@soix yes maybe. But having the Blusound Node X, it will be expendable. I’m currently amping with a Flea Audio and receiving the best SS overall performance I think will suffice. Huge airy balanced sound with larger soundstage than tube.