Hegel H590 integrated amp

What can I say?  This, especially for the money, and it's far from being cheap, is the best integrated amp on the market!!!  Immense power that can drive any inefficient speaker, including my notoriously hard to drive Revel Salon 2 speakers with authority, sublime sound quality, features to die for, superb DAC, built like a tank and is as reliable as heck.  The Hegel H590 is one of the very few, and I mean, very few, end-game integrated amps on the planet today.  And, the beauty of the Hegel H590 is that, it's so darned "OUTSTANDING" that you don't have to spend more or want for more.  The Hegel H590 is, without a doubt, the best value for the money when it comes to the current, ultra high-end integrated amps on the market.         


I know. I wasn’t quite enthusiastic or passionate enough in my expression of extreme love and admiration for the Hegel H590. My bad, LoL!!!


i also love hegels but i gotta say, your post, while a nice expression of enthusiasm, makes me want to ask what other competing integrated amps have you tried?

i think the h590 is a wonderful end game amp at a quite reasonable price, but there are probably 15 other makers of legit end game integrateds out there...

You're absolutely right.  There's also a number of reference level, end-game, speakers, amps, preamps, DACs, etc., out there.  And, they're all like the many flavors of ice cream, and you get to pick your favorite flavor.    

Ain't life grand?      

I'm offended by this pointless post.  I thought this forum was to help inform others, but the poster is merely (over) stating his love affair with his amp, without any frame of reference or comparison.  I'd also point out that when the problems, conflict and inequity in our country are steadily worsening, and the world itself is quickly becoming uninhabitable, "Ain't life grand" seems extremely shallow.

So, your life is just one big joyless gloomfest because the burdens of the world are heavy on your heart? This beautiful country of ours and the world always has, and always will have problems. That is an irrevocable fact of life.

The guy is happy that a piece of new audio gear is enhancing the joy of music in his life and is sharing that joy on here.

What’s the he point of your post?

That the entire world is in a downward spiral, we’re all doomed, and instead of finding joy where we can, should be in a constant state of despair?

You must be a hoot at parties...



party at @kennymacc ’s house!

bring your favorite music!

music and our stuff that makes it in our homes should make us happy not angry...

expressing positivity is good here, or anywhere, provided we don't overstate or mislead... then again, we are all adults here, we should be able to decide what is meant to inform vs what is meant to just share in fun...


Wow, "offended" by an anonymous poster on an audio forum expressing his enthusiasm for, what else, an audio component. What next, Armageddon!

Great post OP. Makes me want to get one, even though I don't need it. On the other hand, that's never stopped me before.....Enjoy!

The Hegel H590 was on my short list of integrated amplifiers, but in the end I went with a Boulder 866. Lack of Roon certification at the time was the killer for me ultimately. Not sure if the H590 has been Roon certified yet or not.

I use the Hegel H590 strictly as an amp/preamp, for it’s superb power and sound quality. Although the H590 has an amazing (I’ve actually heard it) internal DAC, I opted to go with a superior DAC to the H590s DAC, my awesome external DAC, the Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty Streaming DAC. As for Roon: I have a Roon Nucleus Plus with 4 GB of internal storage. As mentioned, my speakers are the amazing Revel Salon 2 speakers. The little system that I’ve managed to put together has rewarded me with immense pleasure and satisfaction. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!


great choice of gear!  the h590 is an absolutely world class amplifier, takes back seat to none, and the dac is quite good, but can be exceeded by top tier outboard dacs, so imo you are using the h590 exactly as it should be used in a very high level system

and yes, to the other question, the h390 and 590 are not yet roon ready, but coming soon, is the word...

Congrats, I bought my H590 shortly after Axpona 22 and it is impressive with the power it has. I don't have a hi end dac so use the built in 590 dac with a roon nucleus trouble free. IDK what roon ready means but the h590 is mqa compatable, with every other format and does play well with the nucleus. Mine drives a pair of Blades.

ROON has a software communication protocol called RAAT. When a device is said to be ROON READY it means that the device adheres to the most thorough implementation of the RAAT protocol. Thus the ROON READY device and the ROON Core server can work together without restrictions. 

There are lesser ROON integration levels, and as a ROON user I am only interested in ROON READY devices.