Help- 60 cycle Hum - ground loop problem


I have a ground loop problem creating a 60 cycle hum in my system. I have been using "cheater" plugs on my components which eliminated the problem, but this is not the best long term solution.

Just this morning I decided to disconnect my TV cable from the source (i.e. where it enters the house) as advised by some savy folks on this site....poof like a miracle the hum vanished!

My question is there any type of filter I can install on my TV cable to solve this problem? Other suggestions? Thanks!
If you dont currently have any type of power conditioner or surge control in your system then you could use the monster HTS 1000 or higher power centres. These will break the loop and can be found on here or ebay for less than $100. I tried the mondial box but it did not do anything for improperly installed cable (if your cable is installed properly and you have a slight hum it will fix that) or you can try the radio shack balun method which I am sure someone else will post the parts to get (i did not try this because I was unsure of what it would do to my digital cable)

Ground the cable splitter to the electrical panel as a test.
Just use the outside box screw if you can. The cable and the house have different grounds.
Bob Bundus helped me with the same problem. I took a piece of lamp cord and wrapped it around the center screw on an electrical outlet and cable tied it to the cable input on the wall (then screwed the coax cable from there into the HT system) and it successfully grounded the cable to house ground. I used a white wire so it doesn't show (very much)
I use the MAGIC cable TV ground isolation transformer. No hum at all! This will keep the house ground out of your interconnect shields. This should keep you from having to use cheater plugs. Remember, code in most places requires the incoming CATV line to be grounded to the house ground at the point of entry to the house. Do not defeat this. Also, many homes are pre-wired for CATV in numerous rooms... during construction the CATV may well be grounded to the house ground in many other inaccessible places as well.