HELP: Bel Canto DAC and my cables aren't working..

I bought a used Bel Canto DAC1 to use with a Pioneer DVD system that I have. I got the DAC for a good price and I couldn't resist. Ok, so it arrives in good condition and I use a Monster Digital cable that I have and it doesn't work. I fiddle with everything and nothing. So, I take off the Monster and I try an Audioquest cable and still nothing. I am thinking that something is broken after I try changing everything, but the kitchen sink. Ok, lastly, I have one last test to do and the cables are out of reach, so I plug in a cheap Radio Shack cable and HOLY MOLY, the music comes to life. So, I think, I must have set something right, so I reach for one of my better cables and guess what? None of the better cables work. The only thing that works is the cheap Radio Shack cable.

What am I doing wrong?
I ran into a similar situation when trying to use a Monarchy DIP a few years back. I tried a bunch of cables and nothing would work. Hooked up a "generic" analogue interconnect and it finally locked onto the signal. You might want to give MSB a call this coming week and see what they have to say. Kind of freaks ya out, but until you can get things sorted out, use what works. Sean
I have a Bel Canto Dac and occasionally have a similar issue when switching cables or powering everything down. Try waiting for a few minutes for the BC to lock onto the signal. If no go, then try powering down the trans and unplugging the BC and repowering one then the other, then giving it a few minutes to lock after starting the CD. Still no go power down then re-power in reverse order. In each case remove the cd before powering down and insert after both are up. I can't remember which combination works, no idea why, but once the BC is locked in everything runs fine until the next time the units are unplugged.

Hope this helps and sorry I could not remember the combo that actually worked for me.
Yes. Power down, then reconnect with no signal from the DVD, then power up. Enjoy your new dac, it is a good one.

Talk to Bel Canto. This is not an unknown problem which is likely related to the Crystal chip used in the DAC 1. I think they will rectify it for you at no cost (aside from shipping). There customer service is exemplary.
Thanks for the help. I powered down everything and powered it up and now the DAC is accepting all my cables. I am thinking that the Bel Canto needs to synch up with my other components. Everything works fine now, but I am still going to contact Bel Canto just in case.
I contacted Bel Canto and they suggested that I leave the DAC and the source on at all times.
Matchstikman: Glad to hear you were able to resolve the problem. Thanks for posting the response that you obtained from Bel Canto. It confirms my own personal findings regarding digital and / or rf based signals i.e. temperature stability accounts for a LOT of what we hear and measure. Turning the units off and on reduces thermal stability and increases wear and tear. Sean