help choosing cable pc to dac.

I would like to stream audio from windows 10 pc.I am concerned with the limitations of the pc source.How far should I go up the cable chain ? 18ft run of 3.5mm to rca to dac.I want a good signal without added noise but don't want to waste money either.Can anyone share their experience or make recommendations.?RW
Ah okay.  I couldn't find a good cable for your application that was long enough so you may need to just use a good rca cable and a rca to 3.5mm adapter.  May I ask what sound card your pc has?

Perhaps you can use a usb to Spdif converter and run a single length of RCA.  I used the Musical Fidelity V-Link to this end a while back.  This way you still get USB out, which can be a benefit, and run a good signal through the lone RCA.
I use a USB?SPDIF converter with older DACs. The V-link, as suggested by markomaras, can be had inexpensively.  What will you be streaming in way of file type?
I get little tuner reseption where i live.Just want variety while working around the house, cooking etc.  pc has Realtech High Def.Audio card.I will add gear later for streaming and storage.This is for casual play back only through my 2 channel rig.
just checked dac, only one rca and one optical port aval.No optical out on pc.Can i just run 3.5 to dual rca straight to preamp as if it were a tuner?
I take it that your sound card has the 3.5mm output. I see no reason a 3.5mm to dual RCA cable would not work for you. 
Thank you,now do i go cheep or will i benifit from a high quality cable?I am curently pondering on an audioquest cable as they are most commenly stocked.How far far up the chain should i go based on my pc limitations?Thaks again as i think I'm on track now.RW
Personally I wouldn't go crazy on the cable. I'd look for an entry level cable by good manufacturer to connect to the musical fidelity v link.  I would definitely not use the 3.5mm jack.  USB will be far better.  The Cable Co. Has custom lengths available for Kimber V21 digital coax with RCA connectors.  That will cost you $149 for a 5.5 meter run.  There is a V-Link II on Audiogon now for $90 which will handle up to 24/192, so that's a steal!  Pick up a short high quality USB cable such as Kimber's USB Cu for $50 also from The Cable Co.  Total expenditure $300.  Pretty high quality stuff, and getting the benefit of USB out of the computer is great.  Good Luck!
The V-link II for sale is mine. It only goes to 24/92. Though I agree that a USB/SPDIF converter would serve better, it might be that a entry level cable will serve the OPs' objectives regarding background music listening. I bought a 20' cable on E-bay that would suffice for ~$25. 
As a follow up on my last post. The OPs' sound card outputs through 3.5mm analog using internal DAC or SPDIF using optical. 

A USB/SPDIF converter will not serve unless the OP chose to bypass the sound card and use USB which would require the purchase of a USB DAC or USB/SPDIF converter/DAC combination.

Regarding use of the 3.5mm analog output the choices are: 1) the 3.5mm to dual RCA cable under consideration, or 2) the suggestion made by audioman2015, use a 3.5mm to dual RCA converter with standard RCA interconnects.

One other option would be to purchase one of the inexpensive DACs from China off Ebay with optical input along with a toslink cable and a pair of RCA interconnects. My question would then be how to best divide the 18' between the two cables.
Any reason i can't use a single run of my older monster cable with a 3.5 to rca adapter?I t can go to the xtra coax plug on my ps dac.This would suffice until i choose type of gear i need/want in the future.It all changes so fast.Thanks everyone.RW
Somehow I seem to have let myself get confused. After rereading this thread I am now aware that you have a soundcard with coax output and a DAC with coax input. I would use a 1.5M coax between soundcard and DAC. Use a Pair of RCA interconnects of the desired distance between DAC and preamp input. 
I only have a single rca input on dac. see 8th post.can i use a non digital single cable for now?Just trying to hear music from main syst.I'll ad the good equip. later.
Adapter coming from Amazon.Under 5.00 delivered.Can't go wrong cost wise.Tuner seems useless when i get stations online that don't come in locally.RW
So much for a single adapter as it is only avail. as mono.I won't be going through my dac now.Had to go pc to pre.Basic sound without emotion.It will require a dac to shine.My BAT pre shows just how limited my pc is.I have an all in 1. It does not offer any rca outs for external speakers.It has been interesting trying stuff out though.The sound is ok for chopping veggies as is casual listening.Guess i'll get a dac .Dragonfly red should better the signal.This is only an alternant for a tuner that gets limited stations with dropouts and signals that arrive only at certain times of day.At least I still get music.RW
Was the v link and lengthy digital RCA cable out of budget?  Unless I missed something, you could go USB out, translate into SPDIF, and into the coax input on your DAC. Couple hundred bucks, problem solved!
Just had both hips replaced on 4/11.Waiting on bill before i go nuts on toys.Have to balance audio addiction and marriage.I would have went all out otherwise.Besides it was fun digging through my acumulation of stuff since the 70s.This is how I'm spending my 8 wks. off.$ to go.RW