Help Choosing Headphone Amp for Audeze LCD-2

I have a pair of Audeze LCD-2's any I am looking for a headphone amp that could potentially play double duty as a pre-amp for my main system.

## Main System

Decware Torii Jr.
Decware ZP3
VPI Prime

## Options

I have been compiling a few options, budget is between 1k - 3k.

Arcam rHead
Ayre Codex
Naim DAC-V1

Woo Audio WA6 (USA)
Woo Audio WA7 (USA)
Woo Audio WA22 (USA)
Decware CSP3+ (SET) (USA)
Decware Taboo (SET) (USA)
Decware MiniTorii (SET/SEP) (USA)

Pass Labs HPA-1 (USA)
LTA Microzotl (USA)
Audio Technica HA5050


Ron I was about to head down that rabbit hole / merry go round in search of a headphone based system and thank goodness I happened to come across Bob Katz in-depth review of Audeze LCD 4 and the Mjölnir Bipolar mk2 amplifier .
Being familiar with Katz’s engineering work over the decades and having read some of his published books I’d take Katzs word over most anyone.
However I opted for the Audeze LCD 4Z instead of the standard LCD4 and of course the Mjölnir amplifier which retails for $2,100.00 , it’s truly a great match with Audeze phones .
More information and back ground can be found about Mjölnir Audio along with other premium builders of electrostatic and dynamic headphone amplifiers on Headcase forums .
We've been using the Bryston BHA-1 as our reference headphone amp for Audeze demos. It's also too bad the OPPO HA-1 was discontinued, because its balanced headphone output is excellent with Audeze.
I've heard great things about the Moon Audio Dragon Inspire headphone amp, and if it's anything like the Dennis Had built Inspire SEP power amp I have, it's likely to be real good. Plus, it looks cool.
Yea, was just looking at that. Will give Moon a call and schedule a listen.

They also have the Bryston and Pass!
Emotiva A-100, $300 and done.

Innerfidelity states 2.4mW into 47ohm to reach 100dB with your speakers, this offers 250mW factory and 8500mW with jumpers!

There’s also the Monoprice tube headphone amp/pre with ESS Sabre DAC, which will give 1000mw, and the soon to be released Monolith headphone amp/pre with dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules.

Don’t care if you spend $3000, it won’t be worthwhile over these options.  
Your headphones are $1000, it’s super silly to spend more on an amp than on your actual headphones. Even if you want to use it as a pre-amp, you don’t need to spend much to get one that sounds good either.
I've experimented with many Headphone/Preamp combos for quite some time now and have settled into the Pass Labs HPA-1 with a Chord Qutest. The Pass is equally at home with Preamp duties as it is with driving headphones. 
I would add the  Sony TA-ZH1ES to your list.  The Sony works great as a pre-amp and has a great DAC and a lot of options for outputs.

The LCD-2 sound good with every amp I've tried them with.  They are very good headphones, but perhaps not resolving enough to point out the shortcomings or highlights of most decent quality headphone amps.  They aren't terribly difficult to drive. 

I auditioned the LCD-4 with it and it was the best headphone / amp combination I have yet heard (not that I've heard them all).  I prefer the Sony over the Oppo HA-1, Schiit Mjolnir, and Auralic Taurus MK II to give an idea of what I have owned to compare it to.  I own the LCD-2, but not the LCD-4.  They're on my wish list.