Help choosing integrated

I'm currently shopping for an integrated amp for my main system. Got a few integrated amps on my mind. Since I haven't had a chance to audition all of them so I would like to learn from your experience and get your input before making the final decision. Here is my short list (all used):

Gryphon Diablo
Vitus RI-100
GamuT Di150
MBL 7008a

The rest of my system includes:
MacBook Pro/Audirvana
Anticables 3.1 USB cable
Hegel HD 25 DAC
Focal Diva Utopia Be
Synergistic Research Tungsten Interconnects
Triode Wire Lab Speaker Cables 

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Congratulations! The Vitus looks fantastic, enjoy. If you get a chance let us know what you think of it.


@jjue indeed congratulations! Looking forward to hearing your impressions! Have fun!
The Vitus is by far the best item on your list. You'd have to go 25 grand to find it's equal. I have one running a $70,000 system. It's that good.
Thanks again, folks! I will receive the Vitus in another week or so. Will keep you posted on the progress.