Help choosing integrated

I'm currently shopping for an integrated amp for my main system. Got a few integrated amps on my mind. Since I haven't had a chance to audition all of them so I would like to learn from your experience and get your input before making the final decision. Here is my short list (all used):

Gryphon Diablo
Vitus RI-100
GamuT Di150
MBL 7008a

The rest of my system includes:
MacBook Pro/Audirvana
Anticables 3.1 USB cable
Hegel HD 25 DAC
Focal Diva Utopia Be
Synergistic Research Tungsten Interconnects
Triode Wire Lab Speaker Cables 

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
I would add a used Ayre AX-5 Twenty to your list. Not many come out into the used market. 
+1 for Ayre.
I wish I could find more info on your speakers, but Focal seems to not have any listing for them. I found a manual online, though. It looks like they have a 3 ohm minimum which is a bit taxing for an amp.
I would suggest also looking at McCormack amp/pre. If you buy a stock item, they will upgrade it to match your speaker, SMc Audio, that is.

In the league you're looking at I would add the Mark Levinson 585 to your list.



@gdnrbob I thought of going separated but would like to keep the system simple.

@nycjlee Thanks for the advice. I need to see if I can audition Ayre at my local audio store.

@samac I saw a couple of ads for 585. What's your experience with 585? 

I got to listen to the 585 when I visited a shop to listen to some other gear.

I spent about half an hour with it driving Revel Concerta2 F36 speakers. It was excellent; balanced, refined and powerful. There was an ease to the music that made you want to sit back and listen for hours. If it was in my budget I probably would have left with it. Afterwards it was actually hard to listen to the equipment that was in my budget.

Besides great sound the 585 is beautifully made. Hope you get a chance to listen to it.



I am sorry that I don't have personal experience with the amplifiers on your shortlist. However I would add the musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800, with which I do have personal experience.  It sounds excellent,  has plenty of power, has outstanding build quality, and in my opinion good aesthetics as well. 
@samac Thanks a lot for sharing the details. I need to add 585 to my list :)

@mountainsong What source and speakers you use to pair with the Marantz?

@keithtexas You read my mind :)

@arsh I read some rave review about the Nu Vista 800. Sounds attractive. What source and speakers you use to pair with the Nu Vista?


for analog source I have a heavily modified VPI scoutmaster turntable with three different cartridges  and arms. I have a Herron VTPH 2A phono stage. On the digital side I use the Nu Vista CD player which is a companion piece to the Nu Vista amplifier. My speakers are Wilson  Audio Sashas.  I love the sound of this system!
The Focal-JMlab Diva Utopia Be’s ported enclosure was tuned to approximately 27Hz, with minimum impedance of 3.38 ohms at 100Hz. I would judge this speaker to be of average difficulty to drive for any amplifier comfortable with a 4 ohm load, and I would rate its nominal impedance at 4 ohms. The speaker’s sensitivity measured approximately 87dB/2.83V/m.


It also has a around -50 degree negative phase angle around the 100hz bass mark, which will make it very current hungry at that point, making it seem like 2-3ohms EPDR load to the amp, knowing Gryphon 300 amps are great for current (having bi-polar outputs), I would steer you this way.

Cheers George
Those are all great amps are you able to audition any of them? At that level it becomes more about what you like than whats good because it should all be good. I have to say though for me, eyes only, that Gryphon is one bad ass looking amp! Have fun and happy listening!
@arsh Thanks for sharing the details. I auditioned Sasha's a few times and I was impressed. 

@georgehifi Thanks for the insight! I auditioned the Diablo (older version, not the the new Diablo 300) in person and I liked it very much. That's why it's on my original shortlist :)

@akg_ca Thanks for the advice! What's your impression with the OSIRIS? Source and speakers? 
The Modwright KWI-200 is also worth putting on your list. The Modwright IA has plenty of power to drive your Focal's (very fine speakers) to audio bliss. This IA has a tilt to the warm side and in the used market is well below the price points of the high quality IA already under consideration. Happy hunting.
REGA OSIRIS stablemate suggestion as requested: 

REGA ISIS cdp/ DAC ( valve version preferred IMO both both are superb, full stop ) )

Goliath killer ... highly recommended 
As a longtime believer that separates were the only way to go to achieve maximum sound, I must say that the Line Magnetic 508ia completely changed my way of thinking, if you are open to tubes.

Not only does this integrated make beautiful music, but it is absolutely beautiful to look at. It's just fine with stock tubes, too, but if you upgrade the 6SN7 and 300B tubes in it, you will have something truly special.

After twenty years and then some chasing the holy grail like most of us do, my amp search is over. Audition one if you can.
@maxboy00 Modwright was on my list before. Very solid IA.

@jafant Will keep you posted for sure. I saw Wells too but wonder how it sounds?

@akg_ca Thanks for the detailed information. I'll see if I can audition it at my local audio store.

@waltersalas The challenge I have is that I don't have time for the tube maintenance. Otherwise I would have VAC and other nice brands added to my shortlist...

Ditto Waltersalas recommendation on a quality tube integrated (Leben, VAC and Line Magnetic are good choices).  If tubes aren't an option, I'd be looking at class A solid state amps from Accuphase and Luxman.  The Gryphon is also a great option, but I don't know if they have a decent service network in NA.
Thank you all for your feedback!! I pulled the trigger on the Vitus :) Will keep you posted on my impression. 
I love my Pass Int-60.  Class A for the first 30 wattts then goes to B.   
Heat output is moderate to low, nice remote, and exceptional build and looks.
And at 6-7 K it's reasonable for what you get.
If you like tubes ? Try the Ming Da 368  intergraded  KT 120 or KT150 . The money you saved put a deposit a Mercedes AMG Gt, and still have some change left over.

Congratulations! The Vitus looks fantastic, enjoy. If you get a chance let us know what you think of it.


@jjue indeed congratulations! Looking forward to hearing your impressions! Have fun!
The Vitus is by far the best item on your list. You'd have to go 25 grand to find it's equal. I have one running a $70,000 system. It's that good.
Thanks again, folks! I will receive the Vitus in another week or so. Will keep you posted on the progress. 

Devialet - You wont find better.  Equal may be Solution or Boulder separates.
From the intro D220 to the D1000 Pro they're world class in every way AND you wont need a DAC, streamer or a million cables.
A real match with Focal eespecially as you move up the line.
Vitus arrived 2 days ago and I haven’t done a lot of listening yet. My first impression was: WOW! I didn’t expect such a huge improvement from my system. By the law of diminishing return, I was expecting minor to moderate improvement. But it turned out to be something huge. I am sorry to say this; but I didn’t miss my old amp at all. I’ll do more listening this week and continue to report back to this group.

Good for you jjue, it sounds like it's of the same family as Krell type power, with plenty of current.
Here is an Aussie review and test for you, I can't tell if it's bi-polar or mosfet output stage as they didn't do a 2ohm test on it.

Cheers George
Guys thanks for being patient with me. I received the Vitus about 3 weeks ago but haven't bee able to listen to it enough until this week. There are already quite a bit of published reviews and forum threads that discussed the sound quality and characteristics of the RI-100. My impression is consistent with what the professional reviewers and forum threads said. First of all, this amp produces very well-balanced frequencies over all spectrum. Tube-like silk smooth high when I listened to the violins. Natural and life-like female Jazz vocals. The bass is deep and tight and that makes RI-100 stands out among its competitors. The amp paints a wide and deep sound stage and the instrument separation is excellent. Most importantly, it doesn't cause fatigue after long listening sessions. Like I said, this is the first week which I have a chance to spend enough time listening to the amp. Will do more listening in the next few weeks and keep you posted. In general, I'm very happy with this amp. 
@jjue That's great to hear sounds like you made a great choice! Enjoy yourself and happy listening!

Thanks for the update jjue.

Keep them coming.

Just curious - what power cord are you using?

I'm using TWL 8+. Will have a chance to try Masterbuilt this weekend. That may give the Vitus a big boost I guess.