Help for power conditioning of changing current

I live in Moscow, where the audiophile has two problems: 1.) The line is usually not earthed. I got that, with great cost. The voltage here, however, which in Russia like in the rest of Europe is supposed to be 220 Volt, is not only heavvy polluted, but changes rapidly to 200 volt or even lower - or higher. Does anybody know a power line conditioner/filter that might solve these problems and give me a)protection for the equipment (McIntosh C200 preampt, amp, Shahinian Diapason speakers) and b) better sound?
Try a voltage stabalizer...Monster makes one, as well as CinePro. I'm sure there are others. None I know of that do line conditioning AND stabalizing. Good luck.

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Look at the Furmans as they are used by most proffesional studios.Very good stuff.
If Tripplite makes a 220 unit this might be a good bet. It's not designed for audiophile equipment, and I probably would not normally recommend it. However, in your extreme case, it does do voltage correcting and could be a good answer to your problems. The PS Audio is another option, they completely regenerate the power, and this would probably be a very very good option--but considerably more expensive.
you need a product similar to the SOLA regulator. This is a ferroresonant transformer regulation device with a buck/boost tertiary winding which does the actual voltage regulating. They come in many models with different size power capacities. Might be a good idea to use a smaller device for the source components & a separate larger one for the amps. I have no experience with them in regard to audio applications, but we commonly use them in the telecommunications electronics industry.
The design will help to suppress line transients as well as regulating the large voltage swings, however for better/faster clamping of large voltage spikes (such as during a thunderstorm if you are not home to unplug the equipment) you should have an AC line conditioner with an integral transient snubber. Typically I recommend the Chang Lightspeed line of AC conditioners, which both cleans up the line noise/hash, and contains a large internal MOV (metal oxide varistor) to soak up those big damaging voltage spikes. The 9600 is a nice large capacity model that will handle all your equipment. Myself: I use a small model 2500 for source components, & a large model 9900 amp, for my high power amps.
A power-conditioning isolation transformer will help - especially with a 10% voltage swing. Try

Look under "transformers" "power-conditioning". I know that Sola has an Eastern European web-site and their products are readily available in 50 hz - not sure about McMaster-Carr's. Best of luck.
Since you are in Europe, go to the DeZorel power conditioners:

You can e-mail Miki and he'll help you with your particular situation. They are in Yugoslavia.

I would agree with Rives regarding the PS Audio Power Plants. They give you rock stable output voltage, and also allow you to vary the output frequency and waveform. These devices are fully surge protected as well. The improvement in sound is nothing short of incredible!

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