Help for some friends

Pardon the long explanation....
A few years ago a couple I know asked my advice about replacing a counter-top CD boombox in their kitchen with something that would sound better and let them stream music from their phones and laptops. 
I recommended a Peachtree DeepBlue2, which they have loved and has worked perfectly for them.
But, they're so happy with it they want to create a system that will let them use the same sources, iPhones, iPads, etc, to at least a couple of other rooms in their house.
Bluetooth works fine for the DeepBlue2 as long as they're in their kitchen but clearly won't work around multiple corners into multiple rooms in their large house and Bluetooth is the only way to connect to the DeepBlue2.
They have a fairly strong WiFi network.
So, is Sonos the obvious choice? Replace the DeepBlue2 with two or three Sonos Play 1s?
They are not audiophiles by any means. They love music and play it all the time but are more interested in simplicity and convenience than ultimate fidelity.
I’ve always been hesitant to recommend anything Sonos over the years because they aren’t considered "audiophile". But I think they’ve really proven themselves in terms of convenience , automation, options and adaptability. They do sound very nice with background or even more intense listening sessions. And they do go quite loud and clean indoors and outdoors.

Another nice thing is the optional sub system you can add on. And of course, Sonos can also be used as your HT system.

The only downside I see is they aren’t cheap. But you get what you pay for I suppose.
Thanks, everyone.

I am somewhat familiar with Sonos but not with Bluesound, other than comments I've come across here.
I'll investigate both. These folks are not audiophiles in any sense but they love music and play it constantly. Convenience and simplicity will be more important to them than ultimate fidelity. At the same time, they've been thrilled with the DeepBlue2 that replaced their Cambridge Soundworks CD boombox.
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