Help me clean and restore my vinyl collection

Hello everyone. The time has come for me to start spinning my vinyl collection after a very long hiatus but I have some work cut out for me. I plan on cleaning and re-sleeving my entire collection (yikes!) and need some comments on what is the latest offerings out there as far as record rice paper sleeves, cleaning machines/solutions and vinyl jackets. I was brought up on vinyl but have been out of the loop for so long that I would appreciate to hear what products all you serious vinyl junkies are using. I have a Nitty Gritty (old, old original) but am looking at the new Loricraft. Anyone out there using one of these? Who has the best sleeves/prices? Who has the best performing solutions? Thanks!
I like the generic plastic antistatic inner and outer sleeves from Cheap and good! The Buggtusse concentrate (available from Audio Advisor amongst others) is the way to for cleaning.
I like the VPI machines. There are a few new ones on the market that look great--but let's face it, the 16.5 and the 17 have been out there a long time. They are robust and are just basic work horses which is what you need. I own a 16.5 and love it. I have friends that have the 17 and I do think the automation is kind of cool, but I don't think it does a better job of cleaning. As to solutions, I'm one of those--make my own. If you do a search on threads there are numerous discussions on make your own cleaner. There are some great ones out there, but if you are cleaning a large collection, then you may want to be economical and make your own as well.
I posted a 'Budget Cleaning Method' about 16 months ago on this very subject to share my experience. (I was LBO back then) Many other people have done the same. I recommend that you grab a coffee, sit down, and read through all the different posts generated on Audiogon. I am covinced that you will find your answer in spades!
I scored several packages of sleeves from Ebay. A guy was selling off the leftovers from "Reference Recordings" after they went out of business. They are the best 'bulk' sleeves I have ever bought.

I have never used the Loricraft cleaner, but everything I have heard about it has been positive. You certainly would not be making a mistake buying on if price is not an issue.

Good luck with your new/old pursuit. Nothing sounds as good as clean vinyl. The knowledge that it is so easy to clean and listen to this makes me wonder about the people who cannot abide vinyl due to the 'ticks and pops.' They must really not take very good care of their toys!