Help me find a pre-amp

Hello everyone.  I’ve done loads of searches & reading of threads on here.  I need to find a pre amp & make a final decision on amp to upgrade my sound.  Source will be purely digital (Qobuz) streamed from Aurender A200 (my two channels are also used for TV). Synergistic research cables.  For power amp I’m down to Rogue DragoN or a McIntosh 612.  Speakers are Chapman T-7.  I want the shityy recordings of 70s & 80s rock to come to life & fill the room(Rush, Van Halen etc)

The budget I have in mind for a pre is <$5k.
From all I’ve read here The Modwright L100 seems to be highly recommended, but I have not heard it.  
Thanks for your opinions!


@OP. I am also looking for a new preamp.  My power amp is a BHK250. I have a PS Audio BHK preamp and I just finished home auditioning an LTA microZOTL preamp.  I prefer the microZOTL - it has a more delicate, but full smooth, sound.  I can hear more detail at a lower volume; voices are more natural; and instruments sound more realistic. The microZOTL is a great preamp and I may buy it.  

Today, I received a recently purchased Luxman CL-38uC preamp.  It is a beautiful piece of gear.  I plan to spend the next couple of days auditioning it and then decided between the microZOTL and CL-38uC, and sell the BHK preamp.

LTA has a very good 14-day home audition program, and you can get a fully loaded new one for just north of $5K.  It may be worth your while to look into it.  

Don’t forget to sprinkle some magic fuses and power cables in. Magical thinking is key!