Help me identify music.

TCM occasionally plays a tribute to John Wayne. At 5:23 of the youtube version (below), a new background music begins. It sounds as if it might have been extracted from a symphonic work. Your help in finding this piece will be appreciated.
my guess is a sound track to some picture probably one with him in it. I know that doesn't do much but it might help someone else recall the movie
Check out the main theme from "The Shootist," starting at 2:15.

A very logical choice on their part!

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-- Al
Dunno - but if you like that then get Dances with Wolves. Composers to look for Mancini and John Barry.
Thanks for your responses and suggestions fellas. You guys must be right about its film origin. There have been over three hundred views of this thread. If it was a classical piece, I’m sure someone would have recognized it.
Tom (Phaelon) & Shadorne, I'm just about certain it's what I said, from "The Shootist." I probably worded my comment more subtly than I should have.

The score for "The Shootist," btw, was composed by Elmer Bernstein.

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Thanks Al, the girlfriend will be delighted (lol) - another excuse to watch a John Wayne movie.