help me identify this amplifier

Dear Audiogon community I need help identifying these monoblock amplifiers (KT77/ EL34). I have owned them for over 30 years, but can't remember the brand...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!






I don't think it's a Quicksilver either.   Most of their amps that are that form factor  have power input , switch , and fuse on one end and speaker terminals on the other 

Signal tubes are ECC83S

Here are pictures of the bottom

I agree with glennewdick- I believe the manufacturer had a printed tag on the back of the chassis that is long gone. I thought the tags had to be riveted...but not this one. 

thank you all for your help

bottom 3
bottom 2


Very likely not a name brand but a home built. The giveaway is the wooden blocks glued to the sides and front -- they are used to hold the bottom cover screws.

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