Help me in the right direction, new speakers


I am a Swedish musiclover and love to read up on this forum. Please excuse my english.

I have just placed an order for Modwright Transporter and will use it as a source of music (FLAC).

What I am looking for in a pair of speakers is:

* It must be able to play _all_ type of music. Some
speakers sounds excellent with classical, but are
horriable with "The Prodigy" for example.

* I want to _feel_ the music: the speakers should deliever
emotions (SF Cremona was excellent at this). I
cherish "musicallity" more than razorsharp details. I
never heard a speaker with both skills, so...

* Dynamics!!


I donĀ“t like cold and analytical sound :)

My limit is around $8000

My room is 215ft2 (20m2)

In a room of that size, I feel you need a floorstander to get enough bass to "feel" the music and not have the treble left high and dry. In my experience (my room is very similar size), you need a speaker that can go below 40Hz at -3dB.

The number 1 contributor to cold and analytical sound is insufficient bass....

I would recommend the Focal Electra 1037Be. It will have powerful bass but won't be boomy in 215sqft. I have older Electras and they are incredible with fast and dynamic music. They never sound thin or lean in any way. Prodigy's "Experience" sounds amazing. But there are many options and it will also depend on the amplifier you will be using and what type of finishing your room has.

I suggest that high quality pro-sound drivers are more likely to convey the "emotion" in the music well.

You see, musicians use dynamic contrast to convey emotion. When the music calls for a 20 dB peak, if the speakers only give you 17 dB increase, the emotional impact is reduced. Prosound drivers usually have negligible thermal or mechanical compression at normal in-home volume levels, so assuming other colorations don't intrude, prosound drivers are typically better at conveying that intended emotion.

If you have a chance to audition a pair of Emerald Physics CS-2's, take the opportunity.

They are an open baffle design and have truly excellent bass.

I feel they split the difference between "emotional" and "analytical." I refer to their sound as clean. If the recording is emotional, the music will be. If, on the other hand, the recording is dry or etched, so also will be the music. In a word, they are transparent.

Right now they are less than $7,000 for the speakers, the active external crossover, and amplification, as a package.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in the speakers, crossover, or amplification. I am merely a very, very happy consumer.

The most important question is:
What is your choice for amplification and how flexible are you when it comes to speakers setup? (distance from the walls etc.)
It would also help if you could share with us the examples of speakers that really impressed you in the past?
Another suggestion would be to buy American for the obvious reasones. Also products with good resell value should be at least concidered if you change your mind and move on to something more to your ever changing taste and preferances.