Help needed to eliminate unwanted noise from tweeter

Hi all, need your advise to eliminate annoyance "sizzling" noise from speakers' tweeters (close listening range).

I have isolated all the power supply of audio equipment. Then plug in one by one in sequence as following: -

a) Integrated Amplifier - Accuphase E280

b) CD Player - Sony CDP-997 (standby power) - no noise observed from tweeters even my amplifier volume knob is at set to lowest position.

c) DAC - Denafrip Ares II (standby power) - Once I plug in, I could hear the sizzling noise from tweeters when my ear is near speaker.

d) Music streamer - Unplug Ares II, and plug in Eversolo DMP A6, similarly I could hear noise from tweeters.

From the above, could someone pointed me what's wrong with these two (2) units? They are three-prong with ground pin, they are connected to my Novaris Surge Protector multi-gang socket outlet and to wall recepatacle, there's earth/ground continuity.  

Your advise will help me to isolate the 'noise' issue for cleaner auditioning with thanks.




Try different XLR cables with the units causing the buzz/noise. If that doesn’t fix it, I would suspect your internet connection next. Sometimes they are noisy. Have you tried wired and WIFI to see if it makes a difference (if you have a Wi-Fi receiver) that you can connect to with a short ethernet cable to the rear of you unit?

@ellajeanelle Thanks for your hint.


I am not sure if this is due to WIFi/Ethernet as my WIFI is always turn on. When I unplug all except E280 and CDP-997, there’s no noise. Even non-ethenet/WIFI equipment like Denafrip Ares II does produce the noise in standby mode.(without playing any music, I am not sure if interconnect XLR or RCA is the culprit?)

FYI, I am using hybrid/Mesh network, Access Point at my listening room then short ethernet cable to my streamer.

Does the noise come from both tweeters?  If so it sounds like you have a noise issue somewhere.  Do you have a power conditioner?  Or I guess it’s possible you have blown tweeters.  That’s all I got. 

@soix Thanks for your response. Yes, both tweeters when these two (2) units DAC and music streamer are connected. There is no noise when I connected my CD player... can’t be the tweeter issue?! Yes, as my first post stated I am using Novaris Surge Protector/Noise Filter.  

Will the iFi Ground Defender help?

The only other things I can think of is to try to connect the noisy components to the input of the E280 and CDP-997 where you know there’s no noise. Also, if there’s enough slack on your cables and wires try holding the noisy component in your hands and moving it around in the air. Maybe it’s too close to a transformer of another component. Maybe the component itself is the culprit? Try distancing/ separating power cables and audio cables (don’t bunch them together. Has this noise always been there? Did you change something recently? Is the noise less at night than during the day? Have you tried a different outlet? If the problem comes from your house wiring you might need an AC voltage regenerator, but they can get very expensive (thousands). This is the only sure way to get rid of any AC noise. A surge protector or filter WILL NOT eliminate noise from your house wiring.

Removing/swapping components, one at a time, you should be able to narrow it down to one faulty component. 

However, the hardest problems are when 2 unrelated factors combine to cause the issue so it could be harder to figure that out.

Removing/swapping is the path forward.


No, the tweeter is not the issue. You said it starts when you add in the DAC. It is a problem with the DAC and more than likely it is defective. Try a different DAC if you can. Try the DAC in a different system if you can. Take it to a store and see if they will plug it in for you. 

@ellajeanelle Thanks for your insights on swapping the noisy components to no-noise outlets, that's brilliant idea to trouble shoot.  You gave me "light bulb" that the Novaris PP10 surge protector/noise filter come with 8-outlet, the "noisy" one are first row... I may look into detail if the ground/earth terminals and other (live/neutral) terminals are secured/tightened.

About the noise I described... it's like hissing sound, as I read from google, some said they are pretty normal as my amplifier has a higher amplifier gain of 28dB, my speaker sensitivity is 85dB/m... only when i step closer to tweeter, I could hear the hiss sound.

@carlsbad2 Thanks for your tips, yes, I have done that, I will do few more times to isolate/mitigate if it is due to defective unit or if it is common "leakage" electric noise, I could further check if the unit is come with three-wire though they are using IEC outlet, in some instances, some may only terminate two-wire and leave the ground/earth "floating".

@mijostyn Thanks, I will check if it is DAC defect. I don't have any other DAC unfortunately.

Don't tolerate noise...keep at it until it's gone. I use a Bryston conditioner and various noise eliminating power supplies along with worsening deafness, although that last one I don't recommend although, hey, it works for me! What? What was that? 

While I am isolating the hissing noise from tweeters from potential components. I am not sure if the Novaris Surge Protector/Noise Filter, is it a good power conditioner?  I recalled I have no such issue with my previous power conditioner of Tacima CS947 (6-outlet) , I upgraded last year to 8-outlet Novaris PP10.

Anyone has experience on the above power filter/conditioner/surge protector and would like to share your thoughts?  Appreciate

The Novaris is a component that should be removed from the system to see if it is causing the noise.  If you need more outlets get a power strip.  Power strips are horrible for sound but use it for troubleshooting.  

To answer your question, I'm not familiar with Novaris but I googled it.  For $299 it isn't a high quality power conditioner. 

Best of luck.


The OP says:

c) DAC - Denafrip Ares II (standby power) - Once I plug in, I could hear the sizzling noise from tweeters when my ear is near speaker.

d) Music streamer - Unplug Ares II, and plug in Eversolo DMP A6, similarly I could hear noise from tweeters.

They also say:

FYI, I am using hybrid/Mesh network, Access Point at my listening room then short ethernet cable to my streamer.

Having been through this, I would recommend that you move the AP much further away from your rig and use a longer, good quality cable from it to your streamer. Remember, the mesh node is an RF generator: That’s it’s job right? I found my phono pre-preamp unusable until I moved my AP across the room and ran Cat8 to my streamer. Good luck!

Happy listening.

When you have the cd player connected and there’s no noise, is the cd player powered on? If you’re testing it in standby, try to turn it on but don’t play a disc  

The noise you are describing, is it similar to this?

@auronthas ,

 I doubt very much that the Aries ll is making the noise, but are you using RCA cables from it to your amp? Does their path cross a power cord or anything metal? If so, try using XLR cables. Is anything plugged into a circuit that has LED lights on it and even worse, a circuit that has a dimmer on those LED lights? Another thought (Ow) try to get the mesh out of the system.  You can buy a 100’ Cat8 cable on Amazon for cheap to try for a test.

All the best.

I’d take a look at this and then decide whether you really have a noise problem.  I have very efficient speakers (Klipsch Cornwalls) so any time I’m put my ear remotely close to the tweeter I hear hiss.  But at a normal listening position, it’s just not an issue.


Thanks so much for your advise.

@carlsbad2 In my opinion, not the price point to determine a good power conditioner with respect with my rather cheap audio equipment. My previous Tacima CS947 did a good job with no hiss noise, the shortcoming is only six-outlet, as I added music streamer, thus I upgrade to Novaris PP10 with 8-outlet.

@musicfan2349 I think AP is not the culprit, when my CD player is turn on with amplifier, there is no hiss, only when I plug in Ares II or DMP-A6.

@audphile1 Yes, I try to turn on CD player, there is no hiss from tweeter, yes, it is the same as the youtube but no that loud, just "ssszzz"

@curiousjim I have both XLR and RCA connected from Ares II to E280, most of the time I am listen via balanced out, should i disconnect the RCA cable?

@kfscoll Yes, I am able to tolerate with the hiss sound ( I am too not hearing hiss sound at my seating position)... just that when I go near to change my CDs when music is stopped, it’s rather annoying to hear the "unwanted" sound.


Does the hiss change with the volume? If you turn up the volume on the amp does the hiss increase? If with cd player powered on and connected to the amp you have no hiss, and you are using the same exact input on the amp as you do with the DAC, then the source of the hiss is your dac.

And yes - use only one output from the dac at a time and see if hiss goes away. It might be less prominent with the RCA connected since the XLR outputs are typically higher voltage. 


Changing volume doesn't affect the hiss.  

E280 has pre-amp and power amp option, when I press the power amp (main input  button), there is no hiss.

hi all, happy to inform the sizzling /hissing sound from tweeters are now gone after I replace my power strip with Tacima CS947 power conditioner... damn quiet now, with my streamer DMP-A6, Ares II , E280 turn on.

An interesting findings that the culprit of the hiss... it's the Novaris Surge Filter.  I managed to open this surge filter, they are organized in 5-slot, first slot is the SPD (surge protection device), 2-5 slots are twin sockets,  I slide out these slots and noticed few 3-pin socket outlets wiring terminals were loose.  Thus, I fastened all of them. 

Then, I reinstated all the slots in original manner.  After plugged in all the music sources, Ares 2, DMP-A6 and E280 and tested on both standby and turn-on mode, there's no more hissing noise from tweeter, dead quiet. I am so delightful able to find the root cause finally.

Thanks @audphile1 .. I am enjoying music now with my new Tacima power conditioner/strip. It’s truly challenge to swap cables, interconnects with eight (8) audio equipment, and then found out the culprit is the surge power filter loose wiring/wire lug terminals... exhaustive work but good experience.