Help needed with Tube Audio Design (TADAC)

I have 2009 TADAC with HT bypass.  Have been using RCA outputs on the TADAC for years and wanted to try balanced cables.   Are the Balanced ports on the TADAC for output or input (they are not labeled on the back of the TADAC and it came with no manual). I just bought some XLR cables, attached to the TADAC then to a Hegel amp and am getting no sound. I am lost but I am assuming that the ports and only for input???  Really could use some help from anyone who is familiar with this issue. Much appreciated. 

If the XLRs are male then they are outputs. If female they are inputs.

Did you set the input switch to the correct position on the Hegel?

Atmasphere,Thanks for the feedback. The XLR port on the back on the DAC are male. Have only recently gotten this Hegel Integrated (H200) and have to investigate where this "input switch" is located. Thanks for your help.  

It is nice when you find out that things in life can be simple (at least to me it often seems that this is rare).  If I had read the manual for the Hegel I would have, as was noted by Atmasphere, , to use the selector for Balanced. Problem resolved.