Help on single driver Lowther Acoustic 115 speaker

I have a set of Lowther Acoustic 115 cabinets that I was told had AER MKll drivers in them but what I am seeing is measuring the depth and opening they would be to deep to go in them. I am thinking these were made for 6" drivers and then someone opened them up to try and put 8" drivers in and found out they really won't fit. So the opening is 7 1/2" and the depth to the back is 2 3/4" or 7cm. And the wires where run so anything with a large magnet would hit the so really only have 2 1/2" of actual clearance unless the magnet is not to big. I used spacers for some Audio Nirvana's with okay results but thinking there is a much better solution. Visually not what I was hoping for. So is there any good 8" fullrange drivers out there with a front mounting depth of less than 7cm or 2 3/4". Just for reference the spacers for the Audio Nirvana's are 1 5/16". Thank you for any help you can provide.
Thank you for your thoughts I have talked to him and he suggested the spacers. What I am looking for is the communities experience on a driver that is 8" and a depth less than 7cm that also sounds good in a BLH.
Thank you
Thank you John, I have done that and didn't get the results I was after look wise and sound 1 1/2" out and the sound was like open baffle though could just be the wrong drivers. Did the same for some 4" drivers I had around and made a 1/4" mounting board and much better results look wise and sound. Just looking for someone with a wealth of knowledge on fullrange drivers that would know an 8" with a mounting depth 7cm or less that would really sound good in them. Thank you
BLH are not universal designs that one can use any driver in each is optimised for a certain driver type. You can check mounting depth at most sites that offer fullranges a fostex fe206en may fit.
Thank you John for your thoughts and with that I guess the situation is to do some calculating of the horn that is there. The only thing that appears missing is the box in the back to house the magnet so thinking if I stay with Lowther's suggested drivers should be good. I will report back on the third drivers going in the first were Audio Nirvana's the next some old not sure of the brand 4" drivers and coming some Lowther DX3 drivers. I guess I will see. The front mounted depth looks like it will work. Since there is no box and the magnet doesn't need it for depth it might just be a match made in heaven! Thank you
Lowther DX3 were made for these cabinets fit right in and sound great. Changed my Cayin ta30 to SET and put in some Mapleshade speaker cables instead of the Elements found the right spot in the room for the speakers 43" out from the back wall slightly toed in, best sound for jazz and vocal I have had in my home. Anyone with Lowthers using the Cayin amp, SET mode by pulling two tubes and rebiasing it made a huge difference to my ears. Enjoy the music!