Help rotel pops when turning on and off

Why!! what can I do? just got it used, when on it sounds great, its not a loud pop but I can see the woofers moving, is it going to hurt my speakers I know it cant be good! Its an older rotel, probably been sitting awile but super clean. its an RA-930AX
ok so I have done some more reading and I think I can aviod the pop by engaging the remote speakers, but I know there is a problem under the hood. Any ideas?
Not sure how loud the pops you are hearing are but I have owned several amps that made loud thumps when turned on/off. Rotel RB-981, Adcom (three different models) and a Portal Panache all made annoying thumps. The Rotel also hummed through the speakers. I owned two of the Rotels and they were identical so I figure it was their nature. Basically the issue is that these models don't have a circuit which mutes the the output until the power supply has settled.
It shouldn't harm anything but it is annoying. Unfortunately the only solution is a different amp. Ask the seller questions concerning operation before buying.
well thank god theres no humming!!!! Thats crazy though! I have a cheap 40watt sony reciever from 1994 that doesnt do that!! What the heck!As expensive as this stuff is in comparison to what is availible at big box stores you expect superior design and sound!!!
How efficient are your speakers? Rotel gear will do that pop and its normal because of how the design it to sound good. If you think that pop makes your reciever better you are sadly mistaken........BTW I never turn off my amps so leaving them on is another good idea.
Well i noticed it on a pair of energy towers with 91 db sensitivity. here another thought, its a low power amp, thinking about 30watts a channel , I had to turn it up well above halfway to get to a listening level im used to, is this bad for the amp to do this a lot?
No its not bad to turn up an amp, and leave it on all the time because you wont hurt anything, it will sound its best when warm and ready and uses very little power when idle. Many leave Solid State amps and gear on at all times, tubes are different because they will die faster when always left on but I even leave my tube pre amp on at all times, I just replace when needed as my tubes are too expensive.
I'm just guessing but when you turn your Sony receiver on you probably have to wait a few seconds for it to actually produce sound and also before it produces sound you will hear a soft click. That click is the protection circuit ensuring the power supply is stable before providing current to the speakers. Not all amps have this. Your Rotel doesn't have it.
My Portal Panache would thump when turned on and it would also keep producing sound for 5-10 seconds after it was powered down if the cdp was still playing. This is caused by the power supply capacitors keeping the amp operating while they discharge. As I said before it's not harmful but it can be annoying.
As for leaving the amp on, it's your electric bill.
Don't know about your Rotel model but if it has a speaker on/off switch make sure it's off before turning your amp on or off. If it doesn't you can plug a dummy load into the headphone jack which might mute the circuit. Good luck.
I have an old Sansui receiver that does the same thing. I put a larger wattage resistor across the "B" speaker leads, then before I turned it off, I just switched to the "B" speakers. When I power it up, it's on the "B" speakers, the load is absorbed by the resistors, then I switch to the "A" speakers, where my speakers are hooked up. Never a pop!
Is it critical to provide the amp a load on speaker b, or can I just switch it to b no worries?