I need your recommendation of speaker cable (Single) for my system, Thiel 22, McCormack 0.5, TLKC1 Arcam7SE, and PBJ. My alternatives are DH LABS T-14, JPS LABS SUPERCONDUCTORS, IXOS 6003, ANALYSIS PLUS OVAL 9, NORDOST BLUE HEAVEN, MIT T4. Which is the best matching for the classicla music? Please help me.
I like the sound of the Nordost Blue Heaven and the Superconductors, I haven't got a chance to try any other cables on your list (hope you can audition all B4 you buy it). Have you ever audition the classic Kimber 8TC which I don't see on your list? Also MIT T2 is more competitive than T4 to those cables! That's just my op! Regards, Rute.
best bang for the buck is the analysis plus IMHO. what one wants in a cable is total neutrality w/ incredible ability to let you hear all thats there. these cables do not add anything, yet they transmit everything.
I've found the nordosts to be very detailed but a little thin. Great for resolution/transparency oriented systems with tube or ultra-clean solid state. I don't know if their thinner, ultra detailed sound might make your system too bright with a solid state amp and your already very detailed thiels. You might want to try all copper cables as a balancing component to warm the sound out. I haven't heard your system, but I'm familiar with the thiel and mccormack sounds. Loved my old mccormack, but found it worked best with slightly less transparent, more bass/coherence oriented speakers such as vandersteen or spica. Also found that it less sensitive to cable quality compared to my pass labs or tube amps. Check out for a good source of tryme/buyme new and used cables. .............My buddy Craig (Garfish) has mccormack and vandersteen. He has tried lots of cables and recommends the synergistic research as a good match. He has a really good sense of musical system matching. John.
My experience with the Nordost is that the Red Dawn (and RD Rev.II) are fuller throughout the mids/bass than the Blue Heaven, and also superior to the 8TC I tried. Very open, detailed and fast. I currently have Coincident (copper) speaker cable and find I prefer it to the Red Dawn. The Coincident has almost as much detail and openess as SPM with more fullness than the Blue Heaven. It's pretty reasonably priced. Search some older threads - it's a very popular cable at Audiogon.
I owned (and just sold) a set of IXOS 6003. A great bargain. It upgraded my modest system of B&W 601S2 and CC so much, I put in Nordost (Red Dawn on Center, Flatline on mains) and Improve even more, but I need no Bass from these speakers. I just bought Analysis "sound unheard" for my primary system. I agree that you should che They have some steals (how I got my Red Dawn) but moreover have an impressive listening library so you can try whatever you want before buying and are very nice to deal with. Jeff at Value Audio is a good guy if you go with t-14 (and you could ask his opinion regarding T-14 vs Q10. Sorry I don't know much about your system to specically advise and this is just a hobby, so take my opinion for what its worth. A friend of mine works for MIT and swears by them (as a friend, not a sales rep). Personally, haven't heard speaker cables and a lot of good deals are available. I would only do IXOS as a bargain (I sold 3 - 11ft for $80 and it is great for price). Ed