Help spec cables and cords for my system

My system is going to be the Wadia 781i GNSC statement mod, ARC Ref.5 pre, Convergent Audio JL-3 mk2s running a pair of Wilson Sashas.

What would be the power cords and cabling to go for? Please try not to point me to major $$ buys, I'm already struggling to make payments for the above choices.

I can't do much auditioning if at all, so would be buying online, used if possible too to cut costs.

Rack is maybe 6 ft away from the monoblocks which will be placed beside the speakers. Short ICs between CDP and preamp, long IC from pre to power, short speaker cables.

What kind of budget should I be setting aside for a system like this? A percentage would be helpful.

I'm already struggling to make payments for the above choices.
You are making payments on the equipment and you don't have it,what's up with that?
You will get many different opinions on what percentage to spend.I have read anywhere from 5% to 20% of the total system cost.I went to the lower end of that range but,that's just me.Then you've got to figure out how to allot that money to each set of cables.Don't forget,you also need to figure out what characteristics you want from the cables.Isn't this fun? My advice is to figure out how much you are willing or able to spend and post that figure.That way posters can give you better ideas.
Okay, if it helps, the whole system probably costs 75k.

The characteristics I would need, I thought were already evident given the choice of equipment? (Wadia and wilson probably a little revealing etc...)

This is not a survey. Thanks.