Help There is a clicking sound in my ripped audio

I took my computer home for the weekend and ripped a couple dozen of my bros CDs in apple lossless. I just started listening to them and on several of the cds there is a clicking sound in the background. I have no clue what is causing it. I just bought a pioneer dvd burner today to rip my music on because the drive I had in my computer is like 4 years old. I do not have the cds to rip again, but I was wondering if you knew what caused that clicking. It was like once every second and it was annoying.

One last thing, I cant rip a cd I borrowed from a friend on my computer because itunes just freezes up about 10 seconds into the first song. The same happens with my brand new pioneer drive. I cant play the CD either. My roommates computer rips the CD to itunes and it sounds just fine. Are both of my drives crap or is it something else in my computer? I know you guys are going to talk about EAC about 2 seconds into your reply. I will try it, but I do really like the ease of itunes and the compatibility with my ipod. Please help with any input. I want to start ripping CD soon. I have many to go through. Thanks a ton guys!

I don't know what CDs you're ripping, but a lot of newer rap/pop CDs include copy protection, which produces clicks and pops in the copies. Some players also have problems with these disks.
pops and clicks can be caused by extracting to fast as well as burning to fast. Most believe for best results use eac to extract to your hard drive[no faster then 4x and burn no faster then 4x or 6x at the most. Do not burn disc to disc..errors occur.