Help with Ayre QX-5

Have a used Ayre AX-5 twenty That Ayre has Checked out. No doubt it is in perfect  working condition however, I had the unit working using USB-9, then tried switching  to DAC mode and now can't get sound. Anyone out there that  can assist would be appreciated.



Don, just call Ayre and speak with Ryan or Ariel. They will know what is going on.


1) Unplug the Ayre QX-5 from electrical power, wait 5 minutes and turn it on again.

2) If the above fails, +1, please call Ayre Acoustics and ask for help. Their phone numbers are on their web site.

Please keep us posted.


As above, call AYRE and speak with Ariel or Ryan. Keep us posted.


Happy Listening!

I have experienced this with my QX 5 usually just a couple mute on off fixes it. Check and make sure you didn’t accidentally push headphone out.

Appreciate the input from everyone, got music coming out of the QX-5. The learning curve is going to be longer than first thought. Been setting a cartridge in a record groove for over fifty years.



For the users in this thread, Ryan has been gone from Ayre for a while now.  Ariel is now the CEO and Jake is the VP (he came from PS Audio).