Help with Cable selection

Hello All - 

This is my first post on Agon.... and I have a question for the group and would love some feedback.

I have have recently upgraded my system with - PrimaLuna Dialgue HP, VPI Prime with Dynavector 20x2L, and a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica III's. The question current inner connects are cheap AudioQuest Big Sur's and speaker caber is Kimber cable 8TC. What would be a recommendation in which I would hear an appreciaable difference with for both inner connects and speaker wire without breaking the bank!

Thanks in advance for any insight and guidance.



Agreed with adg101 - try the Clear Day loudspeaker cables first. Then the interconnects. You can also get Nordosts and others in the same price range and then compare them. Keep the one that rocks your boat and return the others.
Very much agree with mlpai. much so, that I just got 2 pair of double shotguns that I'll biwire with my Vandersteens.  ...a wonderful shopping experience.  Highly recommended
Wireworld new series.  You can get the Luna 16/4 on eBay cheap and terminate with your own compression spades or bananas.  It's what I did and have no desire for anything else.  El-34 tube amp to Fostex-driver high efficiency speakers.  Also use Wireworld Oasis 7 I/Cs.
Kimber, Cardas, Wireworld, etc...  I've had most.  Clear Cable really opened up my system.
Purist Audio Design, for PrimaLuna the Poseidon and Neptune are especially awesome, but the entire line sounds fantastic.  Detail, soundstage, percussive, very real.