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This is my first post on Agon.... and I have a question for the group and would love some feedback.

I have have recently upgraded my system with - PrimaLuna Dialgue HP, VPI Prime with Dynavector 20x2L, and a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica III's. The question current inner connects are cheap AudioQuest Big Sur's and speaker caber is Kimber cable 8TC. What would be a recommendation in which I would hear an appreciaable difference with for both inner connects and speaker wire without breaking the bank!

Thanks in advance for any insight and guidance.



I would very highly recommend the Clear Day speaker cables and interconnect. They would be a huge upgrade in your system. And they won't break the bank too.
Thanks for the feedback.

Nordost Blue Heaven line of cables, but after all I have been reading about Clear Day, They seem to be the real deal, and cheaper which is always a good thing.

It sounds like they will let you trial there cables which I think is a great way to really understand the intricasies of the cable.

Start with interconnects first before giving up on the 8TC.  They are hard to beat in the sub 1k category. 

Not familiar with your AQ Big Surs but know the Kimbers well. Used to own the 4TC and it is a good cable. I like Kimber and was the one that got one of the local shops to pick them up some twenty years ago and they still carry them. I have a couple of Kimber PK10 Gold PC's and really like them; compared to some others and they are really good. My recent WyWires PC has passed them up though.

The first item I bought from Paul of Clear Day Cables was his Double Shotguns and was blown away by them. The Double Shotguns just get out of the way and sound like nothing is there. I took them over to by Dads system to compare to his older but still very nice AQ Sterling II's and I felt the Clear Day's felt more open and less like a tone control.

Later I took them over to the local Kimber dealer and we compared them to the Kimbers 8TC and they were floored; it wasn't even close and they were surprised to say the least. I know because I brought my pair in they have had at least four of their long time customers buy Clear Days and one of the employees their has bought Pauls speaker cables as well and he can obviously buy Kimbers at cost.

Later I bought Pauls jumpers and compared them against much pricier Nordost and the Clear Days were just better. I do use the connection pattern Nordost recommends to hooking up jumpers and it does sound better. Next I tried several sets of Pauls single ended IC's and feel they are very good but maybe the Double Shotguns are the better until I picked up a balanced cable from Paul. The balanced cable is excellent. The single ended IC's are sill very good but the balanced cable is stupid good for the money.  Forgot to mentioned prior to buying the Clear Days IC,s I was using a set of my Dads Kimber KCAG's, which is a very nice IC and felt the Clear Days where equal to; the balanced cable just pulls away.

I used to agree IC's were more important or the first thing to upgrade but after moving over to all Clear Days I recommend speaker cables first. I will add I feel power cords are maybe just as important and I feel they have transformed my system just as much but dedicated circuits and decent receptacles are required to get the best of it.

Take a look at KLE Innovations cables.

I’ve tried most of them in my system and they outperform the other more pricey cables tried by a significant margin.

I would recommend the gZero3 interconnect and the gZero2 speaker cables to start with.
The gZero2 speaker cables are best suited to interconnects below their gZero10 model, then you should consider the gZero6 speaker cables.

But for best performance try the gZero20 interconnect and the gZero6 speaker cable - are a superb combination.

They are very neutral and dynamic, offer a very wide and deep 3D image that envelopes you and delivers incredible distortion free clarity.

Take a look at the many reviews on the KLEI web site.

Don’t let their rather mundane appearance put you off, they offer amazing performance.
- they will prove looks can be deceiving.

However, they do require a lot of burn-in - over 300 hours
They also continue to improve over time.

My system is quite modest.
Naim 5I mk II amp
Schiit Bifrost DAC
Simaudio moon phono stage
Custom turntable with...
- Audiomods arm + KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA plugs
Gershmann Acoustics Sonogram speakers

The KLEI cables elevates this system to a much higher level of performance, with a very deep and we’ll controlled bass performance and an outstanding natural presentation. Instrument timber and venue acoustics have never sounded so realistic!

Take a look at their site ☺
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Try Signal Cable for high quality affordable stuff and lower level Transparent or MIT if you want a taste of what is possible!
Welcome! Jeff
I will concur w/ dave_b.

Best advice, is to get out to your local dealer/retailer and listen, listen, listen to all interests.  Happy Listening!
Agreed with adg101 - try the Clear Day loudspeaker cables first. Then the interconnects. You can also get Nordosts and others in the same price range and then compare them. Keep the one that rocks your boat and return the others.
Very much agree with mlpai. much so, that I just got 2 pair of double shotguns that I'll biwire with my Vandersteens.  ...a wonderful shopping experience.  Highly recommended
Wireworld new series.  You can get the Luna 16/4 on eBay cheap and terminate with your own compression spades or bananas.  It's what I did and have no desire for anything else.  El-34 tube amp to Fostex-driver high efficiency speakers.  Also use Wireworld Oasis 7 I/Cs.
Kimber, Cardas, Wireworld, etc...  I've had most.  Clear Cable really opened up my system.
Purist Audio Design, for PrimaLuna the Poseidon and Neptune are especially awesome, but the entire line sounds fantastic.  Detail, soundstage, percussive, very real.
My vote for price/performance are a loom of the Blue Heaven's. Happy Listening.
Hello Jeff,
I am selling Crystal Cable dreamilne speaker cable, 3 mt. I know they would perform
fantastic with your  Sonus Faber Olimpica III
Take care
(hifi dino) 
Question to the advanced Audiophile s.
My speakers are Bi wired. But I saw a picture of someone s speakers that were Bi wired with a Jumper ! Is this hook up wrong ?
Cause I don’t have a jumper cable. 
Hi dino-

Thanks for your note. Can you tell me about your cables and why selling and how much?


Purist Audio Design cables are IMO the best i have ever used.
I would say Fusion Audio would be a close 2nd
I have also  had or tried the following : Cardas,KCI,Audioquest,Tara Labs ,Dh Labs , Synergistic Research, JPs Labs, Transparent Audio; Analysis Plus ,and Acoustic Zen.

Wire World speaker cables , and Purist or Kimber cable interconnects , Even the low end are fine for the $$$
Strongly suggest visiting Roger Russell's site. I use low voltage outdoor lighting
wire from Lowes. Good insulation and lots of copper. My runs include from
Mcintosh 452 (450 watts per) to Legacy Whispers ( very power thirsty) . Also use from old low power JBL SA 600
to Klipsch Heresy iii's and from tube Rogue Cronus Magnum to pair of Merlin
2 way speakers. Some runs go under house. All work well for me.

I second Millpai...  I just got a pair of Double Shotguns after a long search to find the best I could.  These are much better than the Kimber that you mentioned....they just opened up my system front to back, side to side, bass to treble, etc., etc.  Paul (the owner) is great to do business with...give him a call and he'll send you audition wire.
aseaman007 ...not wrong, just not as good.  The best biwiring is done with 2 seperate cables on each side ...both attached to the amp, and then 2 pair on each of the speaker connections for each channel.  Cables with 1 termination for the amp, and 2 for the speaker...or...jumpers....not nearly as good.
APOLLO SERIES: It’s 2016, and TARA Labs is very excited at presenting an introduction to our newest line of entry level high-end audio cables. In mythology, Apollo was one of the twelve mythological deity gods that were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Apollo was the god of music, poetry, healing and light amongst other virtues he was endowed with. TARA Labs has taken that inspiration from this mythology as well as what Apollo represented, and named our new line of audio cables for those very qualities that made him a god to the ancients.
Apollo Series cables will represent a new era in entry level products for TARA Labs.
We developed this brand new concept for the Apollo, keeping in mind the relationship they will have with their counterpart components. In electronics, we sometimes refer to trickle-down technology. At TARA Labs, we make full use of this term by incorporating numerous technological advances and designs from our higher-end reference cables into the Apollo Series audio cables. Compared to the TL series, Apollo cables have a more coherent construction and design which translate to a substantial enhancement of soundstage, high frequency extension, spatial cues, improved noise floor, as well as enhanced musicality.
The Apollo speaker cables construction now includes our proprietary BSM termination (Banana/Spade modules). So instead of soldered on spades or bananas, you can now switch the termination at will with little effort on your part. This bodes well with the numerous components that require either or both terminations. The Apollo interconnects are also available with either RCA or XLR termination. In addition, the Apollo Series cables will offer an audiophile a musical experience that is easily comparable to cables costing many times more their price! We would venture to say “Get a $1000.00 upgrade to your audio system for around $200.00”
The Apollo Series cables will be replacing our current line of entry level cables, The TL Series.
Just swapped out some Anti Cable level 3 reference speaker cable with the Shunyata Research Black Mamba. Like them both very much but prefer the Shunyata: more detail, larger and deeper soundstage, richer sounding IMHO. Will continue to use the Anti Cable jumpers in system one along with the BM, and will use the AC speaker wire in system 2, both great products. 
Hambon, I have the PL HP also.
"What’s best" is VERY SUBJECTIVE. Instead of a brand, I would also look into the Cable Company and or a dealer with demo stuff to loan.

With my system, I went all Nordost. Pricey new, I went used while making sure it’s the latest version. I have HeimdalL/Frey for all plumbing starting from a PS Audio PP. At retail, this stuff costs as much as the gear! No way I would use them at retail. Very clean,clear and dynamic at both ends of the spectrum. Many report not so positive results with the same cable, so demo is suggested before opening your wallet .

You have a great setup.what are you plugging the table into?

thanks for the feedback. I am demoing some kimber cable IC's right now from the cable company... Probably going to try some others as I wasn't overwhelmed. 

I may may look at some synergistic research IC's. 
What size cable's are you looking for? , I know some good cable's on the used market,  email me if interested.