Help with finding a new streamer.

Like the title says I’m looking into a new streamer. I currently use a Bluesound Node 2, original model.  I resentlypurchased a Audio Mirror Tubadour III se, and now I’d like to see what a better streamer can do.  My Tubadour has a usb reclocker added by Audio Mirror and I’d like to be able to give this a go as well. I’m willing to spend about 1,500$ tops and open to cheaper options though.  I’m speculating that a cheaper option like the ifi or new Node with usb output could be a nice upgrade because the Tubadours reclocker option.  I need Spotify, and would prefer Tidal as well but not a dealbreaker. I will probably buy used so I can resell without much loss if it’s not to my liking.  I don’t think I’m looking for something warm, but definitely not something bright either. A tik to either side of neutral I think would be fine.  Not sure if things like bloom and dimensionality are a thing streamers do but if so that’s the sound I’m after.   

So to sum it up I need a streamer with usb output that’s close to neutral for under 1,500$ that plays Spotify. I would stretch the budget a bit if it truly seemed worth it, but unlikely.  These are the models in no particular order I have come across so far that seem to check my boxes. 

ifi Zen Stream

Bluesound Node (2021 model)

Sonore microRendu, not positive about Spotify though  

Sonore UltraRendu, again unsure of Spotify

Lumin U1 mini, barely in budget, but think I could swing it

Aurender N100H, it doesn’t seem it does Spotify, but if it did I’d be very interested  

Innuos Zen mini, I don’t love the aesthetics, but I might be open to it if the sound and value was worth it  



I currently have a Bluesouond Node 2 and a Lumin T2. I was loaned an Innuous Zen mini mk III. My recommendation, if you can swing it, is to go for the Lumin U1 mini. This way you can continue to bring your own DAC to the party and upgrade along the way if desired.

Things may have changed recently, but I didnt care for the Innuous app at all. Bluesound still represents a great value but I think you’ll agree that the Lumin is a step up.