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Dog pissed on speaker
Dog piss takes a least 300 hours to break in,  
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
+5 or whatever for Legacy. I’ve only heard the Signatures but they were stunning with rock related material.  
REL owners, how many clicks on your gain and crossover
I've got a pair of Rel Ti/5's in a 11' x 13' room. I have them placed on the outside of my speakers. I'm currently running a pair of ATC SCM19v2's but occasionally swap in my Maggie .7's. 10 - 12 clicks on both the volume and crossover seem to get... 
Most recent speaker you audited in room and returned? Why did you return it?
Kef LS50 Meta.I'm not so sure that I didn't get a bad set though. The left speaker sounded like it was breaking up at volume.  I've also owned some sacred cows on this forum from smaller manufacturers that shall remain nameless for fear of repris... 
ISO - grit, texture, decay, life from snares and bass drums
I am also a drummer. I’ve been playing for the last 40 years or so. I’m getting fantastic drum sounds with both my Magnepan .7’s and ATC SCM19 v2’s. Running both with a Belles Aria Sig pre and monos. Just amazing mid range with both speakers.   
ISO - grit, texture, decay, life from snares and bass drums
Perhaps an EQ to dial in aspects of sound that you're looking to enhance.   The low frequency (bass) range up to around 200Hz or so contains the fundamentals (lowest frequencies) of instruments like kick drum and bass—this range usually affects t... 
Boston Acoustics A150 - early years Vandersteen 1ci - SOLD and repurchased later on - Currently own Vandersteen 2ce Signature III Paradigm Prestige 75F Kef R11 Tekton Electron (non SE) Spatial M3 Sapphire HHR TLS 1 Hybrid Vandersteen Treo CT Klips... 
Integrated amplifier for Fritz Speakers
I'm glad someone with a lot more experience and higher post count mentioned it before me (soix), but I have yet to find a speaker that the humble 75W Belles Aria couldn't drive. In fact I demoed the Fritz Carbon 7 with the Belles and it was a grea... 
seeking advise please on my short list for new speakers? (15k budget)
I purchased the ATC SCM 19’s a couple months ago and they are breaking in nicely. If ATC has a house sound I personally would not describe them as lively, forward, or energetic. I would use terms like revealing, neutral, non-fatiguing. Of the spe... 
Woofers pumping
Never play those two songs again.  
Can you have too much speaker presence?
newbee 4,556 posts 07-16-2023 at 05:34pm  FWIW when I have seen the word 'presence' it has been referring to the mid/upper mid range.  I was recently watching A British Audiophile's youtube channel. He referred to the "presence region" as be... 
Is 12'x12' too small for Magnepan 1.7's?
13' x 11' room here with .7's. Don't sleep on the .7's very musical, low distortion, and put out great bass in my room. Jim (tomic) has said he thinks the .7's are the most coherent maggie he's heard.   
KEF final call
I lived with the R11 for a year or so then got upgrade-itus. I was looking for something more organic sounding with more/ and lower bass. I think a pair of R3's with two subs and tube amp would make a fantastic system.  Thanks for the heads up. ... 
What's your picks
Magnepan LRS+ or .7 might be a good recommendation if you like that sound and have the proper amplification. I'm certainly having fun with my .7's and I've had probably close to a dozen speakers.   
Integrated amp recommendation for Maggie .7's
Wow, someone's triggered. Came onto my thread twice to put me down. Get a life.