Help with hiss

Hello Friends,

My speakers have developed an audible hiss that I am trying to chase down. The hiss can be heard from across the room and while music is being played. Sometimes, the hiss is pulsating and sometimes constant. It occurs at all hours, perhaps less so in the early morning. Sometimes there is no hiss at all and everything is silent. It is an intermittent issue that is unpredictable.

My speakers are powered by mono block amplifiers. Both speakers exhibit the exact same behavior. The monos are plugged directly into the wall outlet. I also plugged them into a PS Audio AV Power Center with no relief. I changed power cords with no relief. No other piece of gear is on, although all are plugged in and some are in standby. I turned one mono off of course stopping the hiss in that speaker. The other continued to hiss. In reverse, same result.

This is not a “hum” (like from a ground loop). It is the same hiss that you can hear with your ear next to the tweeter but much louder.

I’m happy to answer any questions at all to help me resolve this. Thank you in advance.



Sorry to say this. I hope it's not your problem but I had a very, very similar experience that campoly had. I had a Stratos and Tempest, then later a Candela. After having very low level buzz, static and noise from the amp and preamps I sent them back to Klaus and he kept them 2 months and sent them back with the same issue. He claimed I had noisy electric. It took 2 years, really bad customer service and he bought the equipment back.... to this day we have issues. Lost a fair amount of cash.... with Odyssey Audio. I am hoping you can fix your issue...

One thing you might want to try is unplugging everything from the wall outlet and plugging your mono block amplifiers into a different outlet to see if that makes a difference. If the issue persists, it could be something to do with the amplifiers themselves. You might want to have them checked out by a professional to ensure they're functioning properly.

@forestg sorry, didn’t realize was both channels. yikes! cap leaking was assuming just one channel. would not expect hiss from unpowered gear.

@2psyop, Yep. Similar experience. For the year I had the upgrade, it was there longer than it was at my place. Straight answers were hard to come by but excuses and non-answers were easy to come by. I hope this isn’t the same for OP. I chalked it up to experience. Lesson learned. I’ve moved on.