Help With DSP Options

I’m looking into trying some DSP, but not sure what’s out there that fits my needs. I want to keep the signal digital till it reaches my dac.  I also need the DSP to output over usb. This is where I’m having trouble finding something unfortunately. I can find a few products that keep the signal digital but none that output over usb. I don’t have a large budget right now, around 500$.  Still interested in hearing about more expensive units though. If out of budget but otherwise the right fit I’d be willing to save for a bit before purchasing. Also curious peoples thoughts on how a DSP might impact the sound outside of its DSP capabilities. I don’t want to loose transparency by adding the DSP, so hopefully that’s possible. Looking forward to what you guys can come up with. 


Your easiest path is Roon.

Getting a DSP unit with DSP out is harder than you’d think and AFAIK this has to do with the need for a real CPU and driver to talk to it. The USB handshaking and protocol is complicated.

If you can forego the USB requirement, the miniDSP SHD is excellent.


Another choice is to stick with a PC source and use DSP capabilities of JRiver or MediaMonkey.  You can even get DiracLive software that is PC based.

Sorry, mistyped.  I should have typed:

Getting a DSP unit with USB out is harder than you'd think ...

The reason I’m looking for usb out is because my dac has a reclocker option that only applies to the usb input.  A pc isn’t really an option I am open to. I don’t have a pc to use for this purpose. I also don’t really have a good place to put a pc close to the system either. 

If it uses an asynch sample rate converter, I'd say you are trying to use a feature that helps with bad data, but with good data gets in the way. 

I tried an ASRC, and with a modern DAC it had no benefit. With an older DAC it helped with lo-fi and low rez sources like a Google chrome cast stick for instance.


As a new to DSP person i have a question, do you not need to have outputs in the same quantity as the drivers your running? like for example a two way speaker would need two outputs for the speaker one for the bass/mid driver the other for the tweeter. if they all go to the same DAC are you not defeating the DSP function? or are you using it for room correction apposed to a speaker crossover? 

I'm interested as i'd like to try one for my three way horn system. 




There are ways of doing either or both, depends on what your goal is and how much you have to spend.  How are the 3 way horns wired? 

Just get a DAC that ignores a reclocker and sell it to some other rube.

The all inputs are equal.

Pretty into my dac right now. I’m sure some day I will be inclined to upgrade, but right now I can’t imagine with my economic status finding a better value in a dac. I have no doubt such a dac exist, but me finding it and paying what it takes to get there doesn’t make since for me. If it’s usb input is best I will gladly work with that.  It seems steaming is headed that direction currently anyways