Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!

Hello everyone! I am having an issue with my Icepower 1200as2 module. I have ran this amp for a few years and all of a sudden it starts going into a standby mode, then comes back on for a little while, then back to standby even when a signal is passing through. When I first built this DIY project using the 1200as2 module, I hooked up 2 LEDS on the front of the chassis. When first powering up the amp, the amber LED would light up until a signal was picked up through the RCA interconnects circuitry?  So if I wasn't playing anything through the amp, the amber LED would light up and stay on until a signal was detected. I really don't want to trash the module, so if I can get some help to perhaps fix this issue, I'd be very grateful and appreciative! Thanks for any help!




Hi Erik and tweak1, thanks so much for your responses! Hope you all are having a good day! @erik_squires , I do have that icepower manual but not sure what I am looking for on it? The amp module was working fine for years, and all of a sudden, it started going in and out of ON and Standy modes. I can see this by the 2 LEDS that I mounted on the front of the enclosure. When the amp is first turned on, the amber LED lights up until a signal is passed through, then the blue LED comes on and plays when a signal is passed through. Not long ago I had unplugged it and took a look inside trying to see if I could notice anything visually. I unplugged all of the connectors from the board and re-plugged them back in making sure that all was secure. I then hooked the amp back up and it was working fine for a couple of weeks, then started this switching between the ON/Standby modes. I can actually hear a clicking noise when this happens. I can trouble shoot some things if I was told what to do. I have a Fluke DMM and such, but honestly wouldn't know where to start. Thanks for your concern!

@tweak1 Thanks bud, I will look him up and see if I can contact him! 

I do have that icepower manual but not sure what I am looking for on it? The amp module was working fine for years, and all of a sudden, it started going in and out of ON and Standy modes.


First understand your device. Is there a switch or jumper cable used to tell it to be in stand by mode? If so, check that and make sure it’s clean. Alternatively disable it so it’s always on.

In other words, the first thing to troubleshoot is the switch/jumper which enables auto mode.  A dirty jumper, or bad switch or wire can make this misbehave. 


OK, so now that I am looking at the connections I used for the 2 LEDs, I see on the manual that on page 7/42 6.2 P101: Basic Control Connector, there appears to be a jumper from pins 3 & 6. This allows the 1200AS to automatically turn between on mode and standby mode. I also had to connect the 3 signal sense inputs (pin 20,21, 22 of P102) to the audio input connector (XLR/RCA connector in chassis). So when music input appears, the 1200AS will automatically power on from standby and after no music/signal, it will go into standby after around 13 minutes. Perhaps I could cut the wires that are going to the LEDs to see if that works?

If you can hear clicks, it's likely a relay. Unless it has other moving parts, clicking electronics are usually relays. Maybe that'll help. 


Hi Greg, So I'm assuming that it could possibly be that this relay is going south? I have an idea where it is located, but not sure how I could de-solder it as there appears to be another pcb on the bottom section that looks like the transistors and some other circuitry? I'm thinking about unplugging the connector from P102 on the board and see if that helps. That connector has 2 wires that act like a jumper. I believe this should bypass that relay? Not sure though. Thanks for your input!