Help With Small Room Speaker Decisions.

Hey there. I’m looking to add some bass to my office system and I’m unsure how to approach it. Right now the system consists of Totem Rainmakers powered by a Primaluna Dialogue One which is fed by a Bluesound Node. Room is real small, just 9x11x8. I’m not looking for super low and powerful bass. Just enough to fill in the music and give some impact and dynamics. 

I’m going to upgrade the speakers soon, and my question revolves around the whole small speakers with subs or larger speaker no subs.  I like with subs that I could add DSP and such alleviating possible issues in such a small space. On the other hand I’m uncertain if a sub will cover the upper and mid bass as tunefully as say a pair of Harbeths with there 8in driver.  

If I go without subs a pair of Harbeth 30.1/2 are top of my list. I have a pair of C7es3 xd in the main system and love their bass response, mostly for the tunefulness. I think a pair of M30s could sound sublime in the space and they apparently are at their best near field.  If I get subs I may give the Totems a go with them for a while, or maybe P3esr, or who knows.   For subs I’m thinking a pair of Rel’s with either 8in or 10in driver. 

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts and suggestions. Thanks in advance. 


I like with subs that I could add DSP and such alleviating possible issues in such a small space.

Bingo!  That’s what I’d do.  Trying to deal with larger speakers in that room could be tough, and a pair of small subs like the SVS SB1000 Pros that include integration software will not only make dealing with bass much easier but also get you down to an honest 20Hz for only $1150 (and a generous risk-free trial period) that makes a huge difference outside of just bass and you won’t get near with larger Harbeths.  I think a pair of P3esrs with a couple good, small subs could be sublime, although the Rainmakers are also excellent speakers so adding subs to them may be all you need unless you crave that Harbeth sound.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 

If I’m not mistaken the SVS doesn’t allow actually DSP in the sense you can not tweak the frequency response. That considered I lean towards Rel because I get the impression they may have a bit better tone. Also no sub out on my Primaluna and Rel is made to be ran through the high level inputs, not that I couldn’t with SVS. 

My office system consisted of Totem Mites on stands, with a small matching Totem subwoofer. Powered by a PrimaLuna Integrated. It sounds great, natural, punchy. My room is of similar size. I use the system from my desk while working and sometimes push my chair back and listen.

I am personally constantly impressed with my system. Have you exhausted room setup? Also, the Totem sub is absolutely beautiful, small and matches. I find the small size of the Mites a real advantage in a small room.

Thanks for the suggestions!  

I ended up ordering a pair of both M30.2 XD and P3esr XD.  I’m kind of broke after the purchase so the P3s will have to convince me they’re the ones without subs involved. Couldn’t resist having all three of the smaller Harbeths, all modern versions, in house to play on my two systems. It will be a lot of fun to get to know each and decide which fits each room best. Although with the wife I won’t have a lot of time before I have to sell one of the pairs. 

SUBLESS was your best choice.

I have tried and failed to use subs in a music only two channel system.