Help with streamer software

I ordered a PS Audio streamer, the AirLens, due here this week. PS Audio does not have an app for their streamer, and I am not interested in using Roon. I found a full-featured app called JPlay that works very well for streaming Qobuz to my current Lumin streamer.

My problem is that I listen to a lot of internet radio, and that is not supported by JPlay. TuneIn and other radio apps that I am aware of do not stream directly to higher-end devices. I know I can stream to my ipad and bump that over to the streamer but the quality problems are well known.

Does anyone know of a radio app for iOS that will stream directly to a higher-end DNLA / UPnP streamer? Or is there another way to solve this without getting into the Roon world?

Thanks in advance.



LOL! I’m maxed out on upgrades as far as digital goes. Now focusing on putting together a nice TT setup….round n round we go!

Happy Holidays to you! 

I been a ROOn user for several years. I don’t need it as my streamer,BDP-pi can stream Qobuz and has the app for Radio Paradise that I primarily use. I often think I should stop Roon and dump the core hardware. But everytime I sit down and front of my rig and start utilizing the software the way it was intended I decide to keep it.  It is amazing what you will learn about people in the music industry. 

If you just want to lookup and artist and stream their content or just want to stream radio ROON is not the solution. If you want to sit down in front of you rig and have a vast library at your finger tips with the interface to navigate it...ROON is the solution.


Note ROON allows me to stream to 2 other locations in the house (office and garage)


It did take some work to get ROON to sound as good as my BDP-pi but I am right at the door with it now. And if I want to really squeeze out that last little bit its easy to bypass ROON.


That puts things into a whole new perspective, for me at least.  I may be back in the game if that is correct.


Judging by some posts on the PS Audio forum, the AirLens uses a Conversdigital board for its streaming capabilities. That means you should be able to use the mconnect Control HD app on iOS devices to stream internet radio via vTuner. Hopefully the stations you listen to are on their list.


"implementation of I2S has been horrible.  There is no standard and implementation is different by every vendor."

While technically true, many vendors do offer I2S that is configurable, Denafrips (and I believe Musician) comes to mind