HFT, Apertures, or something else?

Hi All,

In trying to think what else I could possibly do to my system I have been wondering about these. Let me first say that I am very happy with all my components and am in the process of improving my power management a bit, so that base is being covered (please see my other ongoing discussion about that in amps). Also, I love the sound of my system; if I never touched it again I could happily listen to it every day for hours on end.  That being said, if I could perhaps enhance one thing, it would be to expand the perceived size of the soundstage, back further behind the speakers, primarily, maybe a bit laterally as well, though that is quite good. My Wilson Sasha speakers have been professionally set up using various acoustic tools and measurements by a trained sound engineer, so unless Jim Smith comes to my house and moves them, I'm leaving them where they are. My room is approx 20x15x8.5 feet. Overall great acoustics otherwise, carpeted floor, nice corrugated blinds on the only Windows, behind my listening position (about 5 feet away).  There is some asymmetry as there is a fireplace with mantel and an in-wall cabinet that slightly protrudes on one side wall. The surface there is irregular and broken up at approx first and second reflection points. Opposite wall I have placed canvas art panels at the reflection points.

Sorry for being long-winded, but I thought that info might be useful. So, would you try the HFTs, Aperture panels, something else, or nothing?

Thank you!
if I never touched it again I could happily listen to it every day for hours on end
Doesn't that really say it all. 

From my soon to be published book "Profundities Plus" -- Knowing when to stop is a form of wisdom and a path toward happiness.
I believe you will obtain a major improvement in your soundstage with the use of the Synergistic Research HFT's. I have treated two totally different rooms that have  different electronics and both rooms really responded to the installation.

The placement diagrams at the Synergistic Research web site take a lot of guesswork out of placement location. And best of all they can be returned if you do not like the change.They also can be easily removed and reinstalled on any future listening room.

I am very happy with mine. Alfred at High End Electronics, Apple Valley, Calif. and Peter Hansen at The Cable Company,  New Hope, Penn. can give you a lot of help with the Synergistic Research HFT's.

David Pritchard
David, thanks so much. If I get 10 HFTs and 5 HFT 2.0s, where would you put them? Would the 2.0s go in the level 3 positions?
I would get the standard HFT's in place and then "experiment" with the 2.0 placement. I have a HFT on the left and right side of each speaker and the remaining 2.0 on the front wall, midway between the speakers and a few inches above the floor.

With a little practice you will get a feel as you place the HFT's whether the soundstage is getting better or worse. I like sticking them on the wall using Blue Stick reusable putty (from Home Depot).

It was a fun project to me. No break in time to endure. And if you do not like the sonic change send them back !  As you add HFT's the soundstage increases in the 3D effect and the music becomes richer in sound.

David Pritchard
Thanks David. After discussing with Alfred, I ordered 3 sets of regular HFTs. He recommended using those for levels 1-3, then adding HFT 2.0 for the next levels. I'll let you know how the room sounds once I get them installed. As you said, I can always return them if I don't like it!  Did you just follow the installation sequence described on the Synergistic website, or did you vary from that?

I did follow the installation sequence. The HFT's do come with a small amount of reusable putty, I like using the Blue Stick putty better.

Alfred at High End Electronics knows his HFT's. He uses Synergistic Research products when exhibiting at the Newport Beach Audio Show and year after year his room is always given high accolades for the sound quality.

David Pritchard
Thanks David. Much appreciated. Is there something you don't like about the standard putty they come with? I have a lot if blue-tak/fun-tak so could use that. Thanks again.
The original putty works fine, but moving the HFT's about during the early placement phase decreases the stickyness of the putty. Plus I did not want to worry about being out of sticky stuff. Any of the blue - tac type product will work.

When you have the final package of HFT's placed and where you want them, I went ahead and used a glue gun to more securely attach them to the walls and speakers. You can tell when a single HFT falls off a wall! My system develops that just doesn't sound quite as good syndrome when that happens. I have learned to do a quick HFT count before any other trouble shooting.

Have fun. I do think you will like the results.

David Pritchard
So I received my HFTs. Installed levels 1-3 all at once. I know I should probably have done one level at a time and listened at each new level, but it was pretty late when I got home and I didn't really have the patience to do it that way. I figured I'd listen with all 3 levels in place for a while, then maybe remove one level at a time and see what I notice.  For tonight, I listened a bit at low volume given the lateness of the hour; sounded good but not sure if it's better yet. Need to listen more at normal levels when I am more awake. Will keep you posted.
Still listening with all 3 levels. Initial observations include enhanced clarity, a bit more resolution of fine details, purity of tone--but I'm still evaluating by going through familiar recordings. So far pretty positive I think. Soundstage slightly more expansive.
Question for those of you into HFT placement.  How do you think HFT placements would change if you use Magnapan speakers, and how do you think placements might change with a quadraphonic setup?  I have a pair of Maggie 1.7s along my front wall, for the front channels; and a pair of Maggie 1.6s in the rear corners, for my rear channels.
Do you have foreward/rearward placement strategies that would change due to speakers that emit sound in both directions?  Or, is it, just put em all on the walls & see how you like it?