Hi current or source power cable

I have a question, I have a Bel Cantos 3.7 Dac I am wondering if it would be better to use a High current power cable, or a source power cable? 
I ask this question because the Bel Canto 3.7 like some of their other Dac’s, have a separate power supplies.



Source cable. They are heavily isolated… noise reduction. Power are very heavy gauge for the high current of amplifiers. DACs require relatively small current.


However, I recommend a good one. I use Transparent. It will depend on your equipment. I was recommended by Shunyata a relatively inexpensive NR and it really did nothing. The Transparent had a very positive improvement on my DAC. But as always, different systems react differently.

I tested 3 power cords on my Aurender N200 streamer. Furutech FP-S55n (10awg), FP-S032n (12awg) and AQ Tornado High Current. I preferred the heavier gauge cables. Currently using the AQ Tornado HC.

AQ Makes “source” version of Tornado and Hurricane. I never tried those. But to @ghdprentice point, it’s worth a shot because different components will react differently to the same power cord. 

The external power supply does not need more power.  If anything less.



So I should have also mentioned that I am running the Audioquest hurricane series power cords. So I ask this question because I’m unsure of which one to use. 


Why not try and make the determination by listening? Use the cord that works the best. Hurricane is really good. 

I have heard, that using a source cord where a high current cord should be used could damage the source cord.  🤷🏻‍♂️


That I don’t know but do know that source cords aren’t recommended by AQ for use on power amps or power conditioners. But your question was around using high current cords on source components. And that is completely fine. 

@thedoc2004 My last post was meant to address the story you heard that using a source cord on an amp can damage the source cord.