Hi Resolution sound on a Windows 7 computer

I can't get hi resolution sound through my windows 7 computer, I was told I need to change some setting in my computer, but I have no idea how to do it......Can someone out there help me with this ??     Thanks Will


You`ll need a sound card to install on an expansion slot, on the motherboard, to your computer.

The caveat, it`s a win 7 computer. Availability may be limited, due to the OS no longer being supported.

First I can see I haven't been clear in my description of my problem.......I am streaming music with my computer on Qubuz, and when I click on Hi Resolution it cuts out.........I have the highest speed connection my server sells, but I'm told to change the settings in my Window 7 computer....But I can't find where to set them...........Will

Win 7 is obsolete, but have you checked for the obvious things, such as looking at Task Manager to see if you have any unnecessary competing processes?

@autospec ,

Go to Sounds- Playback.

Click on the output you are using. Click Advanced and go to Default Format.

Click on the Drop down and select the highest level that will work on your machine.


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