HiFi dealers & audiophile wife problems

We sold certain brand of black spkrs to a customer about a year ago. He wanted rosewood, but he bought black. Why? Because he figured he could swap the new spkrs with his old (about the same size) while his wife was out and figured she wouldn't notice. Did it work? Yes.
The one that works real well for me is: "No dear that's not a new component - I just had the faceplate changed". Once - that was really the truth. I changed the faceplate of an ARC LS 5 from black to silver. The explanation worked so well I've been using it ever since. The only trouble I've had was my switch from a Sonic Line 3 to a BAT VK 50SE. She keeps asking me what happened to that cute litlle round remote. (She knows I never lose anything).
Tenniswino, you are a sick puppy, but I do feel some slight pangs of admiration.
Thanks Red. The explantion doesn't work to well with speakers. And there are can't be that "black" boxes to interchange. When I come up with something for speakers - I'll let you know. Naturally interconnecting cables are never an issue (who sees them?) Speaker wire can be a problem though - changing from Transparent Reference speaker cables to Nordost SPM caused some concern. But who would possible believe those little purple strands are $ 2,000 for the first meter. They look like you can get them for $1.95 at Radio Shack.
This is a pretty humorous discussion. But while we're busy feeling good about the deceptions, your spouse is out buying more shoes, dresses, hair appointments and manicures than you will ever notice. At least that had better be the case if she finds you out and is trying to figure out how to retaliate.
Not my wife Alf. She's too busy bringing home stray dogs. By the way - you think this stuff is expensive - try suporting a horse lover who is into "dresage". I least I see the point to audio. BUT making a horse walk around the riding ring as if it was suffering from a bad case of "heat rash"? Oh please - it's more fascinating to watch paint dry.
I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who goes through the lies and deceit we audiophiles have to go through to get these new components into the house. If I were only half as creative doing my job, my boss would probably be happy to buy this stuff for me as a bonus!!!
Tenniswino, you are TOO FUNNY. I am laughing out loud!! I try to keep up front and honest about the changes in my (our) system because I hate to think of myself as Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble! It is funny how age changes ones view of life. As I get older, (45) I find myself creeping further into Flintstones territory. I never would have guessed that this would happen , but I guess it just goes along with the other scams of life like Marriage, insurance, and, children.
Well, guys, I just don't feel your pain. I got my wife (then girlfriend) into my music before I even had a system, and now she enjoys the better sound.

While she never puts any music on herself (I have coming up on 700 CDs), she does like whatever I put on. And when I force her to sit and listen, she actually can hear the difference from the weaker stuff to the better pieces.

I guess if your spending the house payment on audio gear, the wife might have something to say, but if you're not, why hide it. You're entitled to your hobbies for Christ's sake! I wouldn't put up with having to lie to get what I want. F--- that.

You need to control your language. Audiogon is hounding me about mine, and they better be hounding you about yours...
I mean no disrespect to any of the above audiophiles or anyone that reads this,but whos the man in the house? IF your partner can't enjoy or much less respect your hobby then theres something fundamentally wrong in the marriage.I don't mean to sound like a counselor,but GENTLEMAN if i'am providing and talking care of LIFES responsibility's and giving my wife and kids a good life, no one is going to tell me or question my in's and out's as what i do with my audio equipment.IT"S how i get away from the daily gridlock and hazzles of life.MUSIC is my medicine and she respects that.NO matter how often i change equipment.
Good for you, but most of these guys are going to have to justify the larger "pleasure indulgence" expenditures in their life to their wife, and I see nothing wrong with that. I'm just glad I'm not married yet, and feel sorry for those that are (with regards to this hobby), heh heh heh. Just like I feel sorry for those that don't have a dedicated listening room...might as well listen out in the street during rush hour...
My wife and I were arguing about my latest purchase of some audio gear. I explained to her about how I enjoy the music, it's my hobby, etc., etc. I must say that she got the better of me (a first) when she said; "Why don't you buy a great pair of headphones and be done with it! That way you can get your great sound and listen when you want without rocking the whole house!" I was speechless as I momentarily couldn't fight the logic of it. I think I mustered a response about realism, soundstage - "It's just not the same!" Any one of my fellow (married) audiophiles have this same discussion? Did you win? What was your response? I need some ammo soon as I'm seeing a piece here on Audiogon that I've been looking for for some time. By the way, my wife is one of those that when I DO get her to sit down and listen to my system, she sits in the seat that is to the right of the right speaker because it's "more comfortable"! Need I say more!
Everyone knows (or should) that you cannot explain something to someone who's closed-minded. It's a pointless exercise.

You can't win an argument unless someone is willing to concede the point. If she doesn't Get The Point in the first place, and as long as you're not ruining her day when you're listening to the hifi (too loud, what have you) or spending the house payment, then there really isn't an argument, just a different take on it. And it should be left as such for the sake of both of your sanities.

You should try Sennheiser HD600's, and a tube headphone amp. If it helps save your marriage, it'd be worth it, would it not? I have these, and they are exquisite! Recently I went 6 weeks without even using loudspeakers, because the 600's are that good (once they're broken in some, once you try a tube headphone amp)......................I can speak to the issue of imaging with headphones. Not that the experience is "better" than speakers in your properly set up room...but, with even with "normal" stereo recordings done well (of symphony orchestras, or even jazz ensembles), THE INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD becomes as if it were anywhere from 50 feet to 400 feet in diameter, depending on the recording. If that's not a unique and mesmorizing expereince in itself, I don't know what is! Give it a try, you'll thank me later...................And I agree, your wife is being closed minded about it. My sister-in-law is the exact same way, there's no reasoning with her. Yet she'd sacrifice 30 years off the end of her life, if it meant she could get even an ounce more out of her gardening. It's all about personal likes, priorities, tastes, obsessions. That's why I'm glad I don't have the trouble yet....
Thanks for the advice Carl. I have heard Sennheiser is one of the better manufacturers - in fact the only company that doesn't make headphones you can buy at Walmart!!! Ironically, the better independent Hi-Fi shops in Dallas don't carry headphones to audition even though they are dealers. I guess we won't tell her they're $500 - or maybe I should - it was HER idea!
They are NOT $500, they're only $349, and perhaps Ubid.com carries them, I don't know. You could find used ones on occasion for $200 to $280, or perhaps endeavor to befriend a dealer who'll let you have 'em new for a few dollars over their cost...............Um, they aren't the "only" headphone manufacturer that Walmart doesn't carry, heh heh heh. Stax comes to mind..............The headphone amp will add to the cost of course, but you can start out without one. The sound is unmistakably "highend", even with my 10 year old Sony AM/FM Walkman!! I usually have to avoid the classical station, or else risk losing my concentration for 20 minutes or more...being unable to type on the computer, and having the music and soundfield totally absorb me! (And this is NOT with one of those headphone "surround" processors, either)..............I used to be skeptical about headphones too, until I bought these. AND I DO LOVE DVD MOVIES WITH THEM. Watched "Heat" recently (while everyone else was asleep), moved the easy chair close to the 35 inch screen, was completely lost in the story. The shootout scene when they rob the bank was making me feel a little nauseated...with fear! I forgot I wasn't really there with them in the street, with the gunfire and shattering glass, and cops dying...the surround effects came from WAY outside my head (and down the virtual "street")...AGAIN, WITHOUT ANY EXTRA HEADPHONE SURROUND PROCESSORS! Just the headphone jack on the DVD player. Very, VERY "real" sounding...
Thanks again for the first-hand account Carl. The best headphones I had heard (I don't remember the brand) was at Disney's MGM studio a few years back. They had an exhibit where they did an old "radio show" only with modern recording techniques. The realism was astounding. I think this may be a wise investment. Thanks again.