HiFi Tuning Fuses: Impressions and a Question

I recently purchased a HiFi Tuning fuse for my Classe CP-700 preamp. My initial impression is that it is slighter darker sounding than the stock fuse. The sound is also a bit more liquid which is actually nice since the CP-700 can be a little lean. Vocals now have a weight to them. However, the clarity of the CP-700 has not been compromised. The HiFi fuse also seems to tame the highs a bit. My system was not bright to begin with but the HiFi seem to either roll off the highs or mask them a bit. I am not sure I feel about this. This characteristic combined with the darker, more liquid sound, makes music very smooth and easy to listen to me. It actually reminds of listening to Sonus Faber speakers, sweet, romantic, warm, easy, smooth. Is the HiFi Tuning fuse better than the stock ones? Like everything else in this hobby, it is not a matter of better or worse, it is a matter of a different sound.

I also have a question about fuses in general. My stock fuse is rated at 500ma at 250V. The HiFi Tuning fuse is rated at 500ma but at 500V. Remembering waaay back to my college days, V=IR, therefore the HiFi Tuning fuse has a higher resistance. So what does that mean? Does it matter that it is rated at a higher voltage than the stock ones? Will I harm my preamp using this fuse???
Even though I have a really hard time believing that a fuse can change the sound of your system, especially to this degree, I'm glad you like it. I haven't tried it so I'll take your word for it.

The voltage rating is not related to it's resistance. It is a rating that tells you the voltage it can block after it blows. A fuse with too low a voltage rating for a particular application might arc after it blows and continue to conduct, a bad thing. Higher is better so a 500V can replace a 250V but not vice-versa.
Hi Tbooe,
Just wondering what type of fuse you got and from whom? I've seen a few fuse ads and have been considering either silver or ceramic ones. Any advice?
Thanks for info Herman.

Jond: I bought HiFi Tuning fuses for the Cable Company (www.fatwyre.com). They cost $30. I believe they are silver with a gold plating. Let me know if I can help.
I found Tboooe's experience to parallel mine - though I put the fuses in both my AES tube preamp and my Cary SLA70 tube amp. However when I put one in my B&K 305 SS integrated I did not find that it made nearly as much difference.

The fuses are also available from Parts Connexion and from xtremecables


The US distributor is Robert Stein and he is quite helpful
I have only tried the Hifi Tuning fuses in my tube monobloc amps, but the improvement was substantial enough to warrant keeping them there. They initially sounded dark, but with a hot top end. With a few days break-in, they began to smooth out and sound right. YMMV