High frequency ringing caused by drivers?

My system consists of a fully Bolder Cable modified Slim Devices SB3 to a Music Reference RM-200 tube amp powering Genesis 6.1 speakers. The system produces a high frequency "ringing" that is very fatiguing. This ring is most evident on female vocals and piano notes.

The speakers use a planar ribbon tweeter and titanium midrange drivers. Some people have said that it is the drivers that are causing the ringing. Anyone have any thoughts?

I just read an article on 6moons about high frequency ringing where he talks about using Enacom noise filters to help tame the ring. He also mentions using Walker High Definition Links that are supposed to "prevent high frequency electronic noises".

I am curious if anyone uses either of these products with good results?
All the tubes test out OK and I also have a set of Herbies tube dampers on the way. We shall see if this helps out any.
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A microphonic tube can test fine (6dj8/6922 for instance) even though they are ringing. Have you tapped the tubes with a pencil eraser ? It is a simple test to see if that tube has microphonics in the audible range.