Hocus =- Ansuz Sortz - Pocus

Posting this in Tech Talk, thinking it is the most appropriate topic for this question.

Recently heard these Sortz "Ultimate Noise Reduction Devices" on a Ansuz / Borreson System.  I must admit, that on that system that did have sonic improvements.

The concept seems quite legit to me.  Yes, there is a lot of noise in the air (RFI, EMI, etc.) and something that takes that out would appear to be a good thing.  I know when I had my Wi-Fi Satellite set up close to my system, I did have noticeable interference. Could hear it and see it in the meters.

Anybody have experience with the Sortz.  Please don't deviate into a debate on whether there is airborne frequencies noise, just whether you have tried the Sortz or similar products.  If so, did you notice an improvement?



I thought of trying them until I read an online review who said he couldn't perceive any improvement. Too expensive to just try. If.. they had a return policy I might.


Thanks @ozzy   

My dealer will long them to me to try.  I think I will give it a shot.

I don't see why these things are orders of magnitude more expensive than Cardas RCA caps. EMI is very effectively suppressed by copper, plated steel, and copper/nickel alloy. I tried the Cardas caps in the unused RCA jacks of my preamp and cannot honestly say I heard a difference. Without a patent or a technology breakthrough White Paper, a manufacturer better have a liberal return policy if he wants my business.


I agree, the websites that carry these Ansuz / Borreson products are not very helpful. But any dealer who carries them, will be able to get them for you.  My dealer is just signing on to carry them, and I can given you their contact information when the ink is dry on their agreement.

So these are shorting plugs for unused RCA jacks? And so expensive? Just more audio jewelry to beguile the gullible! 


Please let me know about a USA dealer that can provide them on a demo.


Next Level HiFi, great people very knowledgeable and helpful. I have a Sortz and also a Sparkz and they definitely work.