Holo Audio Kitsune level 3 Dac...Help!!

Evening Goners!

Well, i finally took the plunge into digital!
My main rig is totally analog and thought i would buy a Dac and Digital to Digital front for both my headphone listening AND my new cd player.
The products purchased were the level three Kitsune Dac and the Stinger D to D front...

My cd player is a Rega Isis and my headphone amp is a Bryston BHA-1
Amp is the New Vista 800 and i have an Auralic Aires with outboard p.s.
It came with absolutely no instructions in either box!! Also, I can't seem to get anyone from the company to call me back or answer my e-mails so i need HELP as this is all new to me...

Simply put, what plugs into what? I am using usb/hdmi and also a pair each of digital coax cabling.

Any assistance would be DEEPLY appreciated!...:-)

Thanks all,
Check on the company web sites under support. Most have manuals you can download, and likely firmware too.
That’s correct. They do not include printed manuals since they are easily downloaded. Also, Tim Connor is a very helpful resource if you send him an email.
amg56 and falconquest,

Tried to find a "support" link on the site but there is only something called a "support ticket' which has no information at all so i am back to square one :-)

If either of you own one or both of these products perhaps you would be kind enough to assist me?
off site is...az.jake@cox.net
This is the page for your DAC:


Scroll down under the section titled warranty and there are a bunch of downloads including a manual, how to open the box, etc etc. Took about 30 seconds looking around. Good luck!
All good Jake trust me we've all had brainfarts like that enjoy your new dac!